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The biggest "missed moment" of the prequels:

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Jabba the Slug:
I'd say an extended Order 66 scene featuring Luminara, and Barris Offee's deaths, and maybe even a longer scene featuring the march on the Jedi Temple.

I would have liked to see the "capture" of Palpatine by the Separatists.  The Clone WArs Animated series showed this - think of how cool those scenese would have been with live action!


--- Quote from: Matt_Fury on June  7, 2006, 02:08 PM ---I think the fact we never saw Qui-Gon's ghost.  How cool would it have been if he appeared to Anakin just before he wiped out all the Jedi at the Temple or perhaps just before running into the office to save Palpatine?

--- End quote ---


Not sure why I was thinking of this thread earlier today but I came up with something that seemed relevent here...

If the original intent during the OT was to make the universe look "Lived in" or "used" or whatever the term was, then it would have been great to see some of the Vehicles that the Rebels/Alliance used in the OT being used by the Republic or even Confederacy in the PT.

Growing up I assumed there were decades between the Clone Wars and "Star Wars" not just 16 or so. 

I am thinking Y Wings, X Wings, etc...

Jesse James:
X-Wings in the EU always got the "they're new" kind of treatment, but I totally agree on Y-Wings...  YW's were always a CW era ship that found its way, stripped to the bones, to the Alliance.  While the cartoon tried to squeeze them into the CW, the films didn't, and I think Lucas **** the bed on that.

And the ARC-170 is anything but an X-WIng predecessor...  Z-95's though?  Again, another moment where Lucas could've given a fan wank with that ship, and to the EU, and to Ralph McQuarrie.  They too may be sneaking into the CW series, but it's not the same as showing them in the PT...

INstead, 100% new designs like Jedi Fighters and the V-Wing.  *shrugs*


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