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VTSC Sand People
« on: July 2, 2006, 07:21 PM »
"I hate sand..." Says Anakin Skywalker, but he might want to add "People" after Sand... Well, his whole family hates Sand People, I guess. They killed Shmi, Were Murdered by Ani, and Terrorized Luke.

However, even Anikin would like this figure... The packaging is a thing of wonder, almost completely the same as the 1977 Card.  It'll be sure to attract collectors for the most part, kids don't give about the packing. More so the figure.

And if Hasbro has kid's in mind, what a nice figure the package comes with...

Sculpt: Fabulous. Every fold and crease is there. Seeing what had been included in past figures as far as the sculpt goes, this is Tatooine's VOTC Stormtrooper. Under the skirt, the pattern of an awesome sculpt continues... His boots are very nicely done and his joints are well hidden.

Paint: Following suit with the great sculpt is the paint job, which is very high quality. I could find NO slop and he has a very nice wash and weathering. The head is probably the best example of this paint job, with many different colours, that might blend and become sloppy on other figures, are all where they should be with no interruption.

Articulation: Hmmmm. Very good, but just not on par with ther other VTSC. I'm a big fan of cut joint swivel elbows, but Hasbro could've at least given us ball jointed hips in return, seeing as he is a $12 figure. I'd expect more, but he still is good for being put into some great poses. At least he has a ball jointed head, pop that off and he's fallen victim to an angry Skywalker.

Accesories: Hasbro is a winner in my book here! Word has it the accesories are rubbery, but mine are pretty thick. The paint on the rifle and staff is amazing and both fit nicely in the hands of the figure. The cloak is great and fits snugly on the figure, but still allows all the poses the Sand Person can get into without it. My only negitave is that it's a bit puffy around the kneck.

Quality: Every joint is snug and not loose. No slop, accesories aren't too cheapo, the cloak is made from good cloth, I think it's safe to say that for quality, this guy gets good grades.

Value: I got it on "clearence" at Target for $10.18, Sure he's 19 cents more than the original VOTC, but who cares. 19 times 5, hmmm, 95! To buy a full set of these bad boys costs 95 cents more. I'll be baffeled, this guy is good at this price, and while a bit steep at regular retail, he still fits the price nicely.

Overall: This guy is great to have hanging around at your podrace, ready to snipe an unlucky racer, or capturing your farm women, veing killed by an angry Sith-to-Be, or messing with Luke. I strongly suggest this to OT and PT fans.

Final score: 8.8/10