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commander apoc:
Hey, this is my beginning collection:

On the Top a big blue Clone trooper, in the middle a model of a Arc-170 Fighter by Revell

My clone collection                                                                       Red and Blue troopers, pilot's and commando's

Some clone troopers                                                                    Commanders and super articulated troopers

My "I just got it with it" collection, Grievous with bodyguard, Jango/Boba Fett, some ARC clones.

Jedifighters from Revell (Obi-wan's and Anikan's), some figures at the back still in pack and some starcraft-toys

Die-cast Naboo-starfighter, Obi-wan's AOTC Starfighter and a Revell model of the Tri-fighter.

Some of the rest is still coming in a couple of weeks, in particaly some droids and some unleased figures.
I do not have a lot of room to store much of the toys, but I'm working on a roomchange that can hold much,much more than this....

Also, my suplier is a good guy whom can get a lot stuff directly from japan....

212th Battalion:
nice collection keep it going

nice pics it looks like you have a good collection! what is that snake creature with the claws between anikin and obiwans starfighters and what line is it from?

commander apoc:
The snake figure with the blue figure next too  it have nothing too do with starwars.... they have been there before all the starwars and are from the game starcraft.

The snake thing is a Hydraulisk.
The blue guy is a space marine.

These 2 are the only 2 figures available from the starcraft series and are no more available.
I have a second space marine figure, but I want paint it red/blue or gray. This because there are 3 versions of the spacemarine.

I couldn't gave em a spot in one of my otherrooms yet, but they will be removed from the collection in the near future...

next saturday the collection will have 10 new additions...... I can't wait.... ;D

commander apoc:
The hunt for Grievous is in!!!!! I'm soo happy I can't even take it out the box....

These are in too:

Elpant Mon
another 41 clone trooper
another AT-TE trooper
silver episode 2 special edition clone trooper
Destroyer droid
Exploding body Grievous
2x black clone pilot (for in the republic gunship hey)

fun ;D
pics come later


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