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commander apoc:
Here an update on my collection, I moved it too another room, because we got some new birdcages...

Some Tie-fighters surrounding my book collection

All of my inbox collection clones on the wall

My revell-starwars-vehicle collection, 1 is still missing, a republic stardestroyer. :-[

My kotobukiya/unleashed clonetrooper/commander collection.

ROTS Starfighter collection, boxed kotobukiya red clonetrooper and pccd-rom collection.

Upper shelf, my clonetrooper collection. Lower shelf, clonecommanders and driods.

Middle shelf, the I-just-wanna-have-for-my-collection figures.

Top shelf, starfighter collection AOTC. Bottom Shelf, Driodstarfighter collection.

More comming next month.

Nicely displayed.

Deanna Rash:
That's cool nic job on the displays ;D

someone loves Kotos too ;)

awsome display choice. it looks great. i see you got the clone wars clone box set too. they cancelled the set before it even hit the shelves at the nearest Toys R Us to me.


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