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Henry Phoenix #3 - Game Over
« on: July 30, 2006, 07:49 AM »
And the following takes place after the events of Henry Phoenix #2. ;)

Henry Phoenix: I...I could have never thought that somebody is posing as my brother...
Felon Yorker: Yeah...

Oracle: Excuse me, sir.
Henry Phoenix: What? Who are you?
Oracle: I'm the Oracle. But enought of that. I heard that you arrested the Grand Master.
Henry Phoenix: Or at least somebody who was posing as Jack, since Felon found out that my brother, the real Jack, is dead.

Oracle: Well, I might be able to prove otherwise. May I?
Felon Yorker: What?
Henry Phoenix: Sure thing. Felon, step away from the computer.

Felon Yorker: What's he doing?
Henry Phoenix: I don't know but I hope that we'd learn the location of my real brother.

Oracle: See?
Henry Phoenix: Yeah. "This article has been deemed as a joke."
Felon Yorker: So we fell for a joke!

Felon Yorker: That was quite a shock!
Henry Phoenix: Yep. I will tell Xentor about this. You should go look after Curtis.
Felon Yorker: Oh yeah, Curtis. I almost forgot him.

Henry Phoenix: Xentor!
Xentor Helros: head...

Henry Phoenix: Xentor, what happened?
Xentor Helros: Oww...the wrong Jack...knocked us somehow out...
Henry Phoenix: By the way, he's the real deal actually. See you around, gotta go.
Xentor Helros: Eh?

Meanwhile on another interrogation room:

Felon Yorker: Curtis! Damn it!

Felon Yorker: What happened?
Curtis Manning: A Jedi Master came in...he said that his name was Fitch. Fitch Adell. He wanted to talk to the traitor, but I didn't allow that. So, the traitor collapsed, I turned my back to the Jedi and came in.

Felon Yorker: How's the traitor?
Curtis Manning: He is dead.

Felon Yorker: That's not good. Come with me, we must find Henry and Jack.
Curtis Manning: Okay then.

The Acolyte's Room:

Red: What...?!
Felon Yorker: Hi there, Jack. And Henry.

Jack Phoenix: What now?
Henry Phoenix: I just popped in to say that you're free to go, since the information about your death was false.
Jack Phoenix: Gee, thanks.
Felon Yorker: Mind you, but Adell killed Rash Skyhek, and knocked Curtis out. We should transfer him to some other place.
Red: Well...
Jack Phoenix: I agree.

Felon Yorker: Don't try to do anything. I'll shoot first and ask questions later.

Jack Phoenix: Gregor, we need to leave now.
Gregor McRae: Yes sir!

Darth Vader: Mr. Phoenix, you're not going anywhere.
Jack Phoenix: Vader!


Xentor Helros: Get in the ship! Quickly! Imperial Forces are coming!
Jack Phoenix: Xentor...

Felon Yorker: Come on, Henry.
Henry Phoenix: Yeah...
Darth Vader: You're not going anywhere. I promised my master that I will destroy this place and all the Jedi inside it...excluding you, Phoenix.

Darth Vader: It's been some time since I killed a Jedi!
Jack Phoenix: You're not going to kill anybody!

Darth Vader: Really?
Teuvo: Red! Luigi!
Jack Phoenix: You're going to pay for that.

Jack Phoenix: Go, Teuvo, go! Leave now!
Teuvo: But...
Jack Phoenix: It's an direct order!

Boba Fett: Stop, Jedi!
Teuvo: Damn!

Boba Fett: Ouch!
Teuvo: Thanks, guys...

Darth Vader: It's over, Mr. Phoenix.
Jack Phoenix: N-noo...

Felon Yorker: We must leave now!
Henry Phoenix: No! Jack's still there!
Felon Yorker: We can't help him! Gregor, pull up and make sure that you'll drop the bounty hunter.
Gregor McRae: As you wish, sir.

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As always, comments and feedback are welcome! :)
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Re: Henry Phoenix #3 - Game Over
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2006, 10:12 AM »
Better chapter than the previous ones Phoenix, you are constantly improving your skills.   I liked the bedroom set a lot, I'd just work on the camera angle some more so it doesn't look like we're looking down at toys. 

So I wonder what will happen next, will Vader finish the kill?


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Re: Henry Phoenix #3 - Game Over
« Reply #2 on: August 1, 2006, 12:04 AM »
Vader's in da house!  ;)

Lovin' the Jedi body count that's happening in this one.   In a lot of ways, this PN has the feel of the actual SW novel Dark Lord.  Just seeing Vader wipe the floor with left over Jedi is fun.  You just keep getting better with each PN Phoenix, keep them coming!

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