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Straxus's wants list...
« on: August 28, 2006, 07:31 PM »
Here are a few things I am looking for.
I wont have money to spare for anything (including postage) until september 15th but figured I would get the list up to see if anyone has any of the items listed below until that time.

- x1 Death Star Trooper Helmet (POTF2) - origional or cast, may be interested in complete action figure as well.
- x1 Republic Commando Scorch - loose, doesnt have to have accessories, just an intact figure, scratched paint is fine as long as figures plastic itself does not have broken peices.

Ok its a short list at the moment but when I think of more I will edit it.
At the moment this is a "looking to buy" list, until I can locate and determine what I have suitable for trade.
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