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« on: September 6, 2006, 04:59 PM »
I started this collection last year and due to money and time constraints I am going to have to sell what I have. I will list descriptions of each figure as best I can. If you would like pics or more info please send a pm. All include star cases. prices do not include shipping.

yb= yellowing bubble
P= punched
UP=un punched

1. Klaatu (skiff guard) P, 77 back, yb, wave in card, coin offer upper right corner, lower right corner some bending, small dent in bubble upper left corner $25
2. Nikto P, 77 back, yb, lower left corner of card bend, coin offer upper right corner, wave in card $25
3. Klaatu P, 77 back, yb, Anakin sticker offer lower right corner, upper right corner price stickers $25
4. Lando Calrissian UP, 65 back, Emperor offer card, yb, small crack in upper left bubble, crack in helmet bubble, helmet cannot come out $30
5. Nien Nunb UP, 65 back,yb, price sticker upper right corner, small dent upper right bubble, small part of lower left bubble missing gun and figure both secure $20
6. Admiral Ackbar P, 65 back, price sticker left side of card, small cracks on right top bubble, slight wave in card, small dent right bottom bubble $25
7. General Madine UP, 65 back, small dent upper right bubble, 2 small dents each side of bottom bubble, a few light stress lines on card $30
8. Weequay UP, 65 back, yb, fine crack lower right bubble $30
9. Teebo P, 77 back, lower left card paper curl, upper right bubble crushed in, stress lines on card, sticker residue upper right corner, figure and weapon attached and undamaged $15
10. Luke Skywalker (jedi knight, green saber) P, 79 back, sticker residue upper right corner, small dents in corners of bubble, Anakin sticker offer lower middle of card, slight bending on lower left and upper right card corners $50
11. Chief Chirpa P, 65 back, weapon loose in bubble, stress line across top of card, $30
12. Ree Yees P 77 back, yb, small crack upper left bubble, price sticker upper right corner of card, slight bend in lower left corner $25
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Re: ROTJ Vintage Carded figures for sale
« Reply #1 on: October 7, 2006, 02:59 AM »
PM sent

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Re: ROTJ Vintage Carded figures for sale
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PM sent