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The Sith's Herald's collection - 2011 Update

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Siths Herald:
Hi all,

I'm pretty new in here.  I've posted my customs in that thread.  Here is my collection.  Enjoy!

(5/8/08 Edit:  I took the old links out since many were broken)

 :o Okay, let me pick myself up off the floor.  Damn,  you have a lot of cool pieces in your collection.  Color me green with envy.

212th Battalion:
  :o :o :o   that collection is awsome!

Those are fantastic pics!  I really like how you've grouped your loose figures in themes, that's exactly how I'm planning on displaying mine in my new room.  8)

Is the vintage stuff part of your collection as a kid or did you track those pieces down recently?

Nicely displayed BTW.


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