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My 4-Sale List Of Stuff
« on: October 9, 2006, 04:45 PM »
This'll get updated as I can...  I'm thinning the herd some.  Prices DON'T include shipping...  I'll knock some off the more you buy too.  Make an offer if you want as well, I'm open to negotiating on some things.  Card Conditions Vary, some uber mint, some not, so ask if it's important.

CARDED Modern:

-OC C-3PO $3
-OC Han Solo $2
-OC Monkey Leia (x2) $2 each
-OC Stormtrooper $2
-OC Chewbacca $2
-OC Lando $2
-OC Boba Fett $3
-GC Boba Fett $3
-R2-D2 w/Tools (x2) $5 each
-C-3PO Rem. Limbs $5
-Slave Leia $2
-Orimarko (Prune Face) $2
-Mon Mothma $2
-Darth Vader Rem. Helmet $5
-Luke Skywalker (T-16 Commtech) $3
-Luke Skywalker (Blastshield Helmet) $3
-FREEZE FRAME SANDTROOPER (Will TRADE ONLY, Card/Bubble do have some flaws)

-Chewbacca as Snoova
-Leia as Boussh

-Yoda w/Chair (x2) $3 each
-Obi-Wan (Softgoods) $5
-Qui-Gon (Softgoods) $5
-Darth Maul (Sofgtoogds) $5
-Chancellor Valorum (warning covered w/tape variant) $5
-Troph Asst. Darth Maul w/Infiltrator x2 $3 each

-Sandtrooper $7
-Rebel Fleet Trooper (x2) $5 each
-Amidala: Royal Decoy (black gown) $5
-Sabe': Queen's Decoy $5
-IG-88 $5
-Han Solo: Bespin $5

Saga 2002-2003
-"Dutch" Vander Gold Leader $5
-Bossk $5
-Tusken Raider (Rem. Head) $5
-Padme: Droid Factory Chase $5
-Luke Skywalker: Holographic

-Sith Eyes Anakin (Will Trade ONLY)
-Palpatine w/Blue Lightsaber (Will Trade ONLY)

Cinema Scenes:
-Rebel Pilots $15
-Jabba's Guards $8
-Cantina Patrons $8
-Jabba's Dancers $8
-Mynock Hunt $10

LOOSE Figures:
-Snowtroopers (POTF2) x9 $2 each
-POTJ style Scouts x2 $5 each (may be pending)

12" Hasbro Figures:
-Sandtrooper (Orange Pad) MISB $20
-Sandtrooper (Orange Pad) MIB $20
-Sandtrooper (White Pad) MIB $15
-Stormtrooper MIB $20
-Snowtrooper MIB $20
-AT-AT Driver MIB $10
-POTJ Luke Skywalker (50th Anniversary Figure) MISB $40
-6" Jawa w/light-up eyes MIB $10
-Adm. Ackbar MIB $15
-Boba Fett MIB $20
-Greedo (regular release) MIB $10
-Wal-Mart Cantina Band: Fi'Grin D'An MIB $15
-C-3PO (original) MIB $15
-Tusken Raider (Gaffi Stick) MIB $15
-Luke Skywalker (Original) MIB $15
-Luke Skywalker (Bespin) MIB $15
-Luke Skwyalker (Hoth) MIB $20
-Han SOlo (Original) MIB $15
-Han Solo (Hoth) MIB $20
-Lando Calrissian) MIB $15

This is what I have so far to sell...  I should add more to this as I find it.
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