Author Topic: Titanium Ultra Millennium Falcon (pics)  (Read 1636 times)

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Titanium Ultra Millennium Falcon (pics)
« on: November 18, 2006, 01:29 PM »

What a pleasant surprise this vehicle was!  I had only bought the Ultra size Snowspeeder for use in the window of my AT-AT cockpit diorama, but I saw this one and Vader's TIE at Target yesterday with no prices on them.  I remembered seeing Vader's TIE weeks earlier with clearance tags on them, so on a whim I scanned this and it was $4.98!  Cheaper than the regular scale Titanium ships!

Sculpt: this ship is larger than the typical Titanium Ultra, and therefore has some heft to it.  It's not light!  The die-cast frame with occasional plastic pieces blend seamlessly.  The sculpted detail far exceeds that of the vintage mold 4" scale toy.  The cockpit can be removed to reveal infinitesimal (and surprisingly accurate) seated versions of Han, Chewie, Luke, and Ben.  The quad laser cannons on the top and bottom of the ship are as small and proportional as they should be.  They appear to be articulated, but were very tight and I didn't want to risk snapping them off.  The radar dish is made of a very rubbery plastic, and rotates and pivots.  The boarding ramp can be lowered and even has the 2 support struts at the base of the ramp.  Possibly the coolest detail is that a piece of the forward hold can be removed to reveal the compartment where the heroes spent their time during the hyperspace flight to Alderaan.  The details are recognizeable here (such as the dejarik table and bench, and Han's console) but at this scale you can't expect a perfectly accurate representation  :P. Lastly, all 3 landing gear struts can be lowered should you want to remove the Falcon from the display stand (it's screwed in like all the others).   4.9/5

Paintjob:  I just can't find fault here, because the dirty wash applied over the multi-colored panels is superb.  It really looks like a studio-scale model.   5/5

At $20 this is a bargain for the detail (I see this as a poor man's studio scale replica), but at the $5 clearance, it's a steal!  Other efforts in this line such as Slave 1 and the AT-AT are good, but lack just a little extra detail that seems to be here.  I'm going to keep my eye out for more of these in the future. 
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Re: Titanium Ultra Millennium Falcon (pics)
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2006, 11:57 AM »
I got it for a discount, and it's quite impressive. There's nothing like it in its price range, and it's not some fragile model. It's all (well, 90%) METAL, baby It weights in at 1 lb. This is in fact made to be handled. The only major con is the plastic cockpit - I would've preferred it all metal with a hinge. My paint on the six circles on the back had a bit of slop, but it's not a major detractor.

On the bright side, the removable panel is a neat surprise and the landing gear is real solid. The satellite dish comes off quite easily and safely if for some reason you fly like Lando. ;)

If you can, wait for sales, but don't feel robbed paying full price for it either.
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