Author Topic: Want: Vintage G.I. Joes Have: Star Wars  (Read 506 times)

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Want: Vintage G.I. Joes Have: Star Wars
« on: November 18, 2006, 03:26 PM »
Hello all! Looking to trade away some of my star wars figures to obtain some vintage G.I. Joes.


General Grievous (Saga Target exlusive)
Yoda (TRU holo exlusive)
Walmart (Early Bird Exclusive) - Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, R2
500th Special Edition Darth Vader

- Obi-Wan
- Leia
- Han Solo
- Luke
- Vader
- Lando
- Yoda
- C3PO
- Fett
- Storm Trooper
- Han Solo - Trench Coat
- Luke - X-Wing
- Biker Scout

- Bossk
- R2D2
- Cloud Car Pilot
- Spirit Obi-Wan
- Dannick Jerrico

Clone Wars (MOMC)
- Yoda
- Asajj Ventress
- General Grievous (animated)

Revenge of the Sith (MOMC)
- Preview Set (Grievous, Medo, R4, Wookie)
- General Grievous (lightsaber attack)
- General Grievous (exploding body)
- Grievous' Bodyguard x2
- Royal Guard x2 (blue)
- Royal Guard (red)
- Clone Pilot (black variant)

Saga (MOMC)
- Boba  Fett
- Jango Fett

Titanium (MOMC)
- Slave I (Galactic Hunt)
- Republic Gun Ship


I am looking for most 3 3/4 Joe and Cobra figures from 1982-1986. I am open to figures from 1987-1989 but I am a lot more specific on what I will accept. No vehicles please.

Figures must be in good condition. No broken thums, crotch or elbows.

Please PM me a list of what you have, including condition and what accessories you have. (complete figures are obviously worth more to me than incomplete, but I may still be interested regardless)