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What are you looking at?
« on: December 1, 2006, 07:40 PM »
ok, just noticed this feature  ::) , im already @jedi knight and ive been here over a month, but that's still relatively new i guess. i am snaggletooth (formerly pit droid). my real name is David Delgado. i am 13. i like articulation. i like good sculpts. i like even piell, kit fisto, bossk, and grand moff tarkin, and just about any cantina alien. i have a pet mantis named Kitik Keed'kak (seriously!). im new to carded collecting and caring about fig value and all that, but have been collecting loose my whole life. as you can imagine, my room is a mess. i do have a wall covered in relatively new carde figs and several very rare item (battle packs, etc.) so, uhhh...hi!  8)
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