Author Topic: Interested in cheap vintage repro figures (original request retracted)  (Read 467 times)

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It's too close to Christmas for what I originally had in mind now. Thank you, though ^.^ Incidentally, I would still be interested in buying nice-looking vintage repro figures of main characters, if you have any and are willing to part with them for relatively low prices ($5 or less apiece is good). I'm considering collecting a few, not for collectors value but because they resemble vintage figures and yet are arguably "worthless", and something I feel okay actually playing with and displaying in conditions where they might get banged around :)

Quote from: Mitsukara (original post)
Okay, maybe I'm reaching way out on a limb that it's too late to climb and stuff, but this just occurred to me today and I figured it couldn't hurt to post and ask.

I am looking for any loose vintage figures or good(ish) reproductions. I cannot spend more than about $10 a figure unless it's something really really cool. Most importantly, I need this to be shipped to arrive before Christmas if at all possible.

The kind of figures I am looking for would be main characters, preferably- any versions. Vader would be exceptionally cool, or Boba Fett, either.

Figures can be missing some accessories but not anything really important- should have capes, missing/ really badly broken lightsabers aren't cool, etc.

So short version: under $10 per figure, no huge lots, vintage loose or decent repro figures of main characters. Luke/Han/Leia/Lando/Vader/Obi Wan/Yoda etc. Any versions are of interest. Vader and/or Fett would be especially cool.

I am interested in any offers more or less matching this outline. Since I'm wanting these by christmas though, I would prefer an evenly timed trade (we both send at the same time rather than the seller waiting to get my money order). Oh yeah, and I can only pay by money order, sorry :(

Also, here is my feedback from previous transactions.

Thanks for reading! ^.^
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