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Stay Tuned! :-*

Since we were talking updates to our collection pictures, here's my Kubrick Case with nine empty slots ready for Series 4:

And, not to be left out, my display case with my Speederbike set and my Max Rebo Band:

No carded Kubricks (yet), but for now (until Series 4 debuts) I'm happy with my chase-less Series 1, complete Series 2 and 3, and all 4 box sets (EB Kit, Speederbike, TRU, Rebo).   ;D

Bored here tonight, so I was playing around with the Kubricks (gotta love them!)

Long live the rebels!

I was looking for a better way to display the kubricks that I have, unfortunately I wasnt able to find anything that would suffice, Last week the wife took me into a kitchen shop and of all the places to find what I needed.
It was a dodgy spice rack , that had some really bad rubber glued over the plastic, took about 3 hours to get the plastic and glue residue off the thing and then I gave it a quick coat of paint.
Here is the end result

Updated my Kub Tower(s) this weekend>


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