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I will never get tired of looking at that.


--- Quote from: Jeff on June 24, 2005, 12:06 AM ---Since we were talking updates to our collection pictures, here's my Kubrick Case with nine empty slots ready for Series 4:

And, not to be left out, my display case with my Speederbike set and my Max Rebo Band:

No carded Kubricks (yet), but for now (until Series 4 debuts) I'm happy with my chase-less Series 1, complete Series 2 and 3, and all 4 box sets (EB Kit, Speederbike, TRU, Rebo).   ;D

--- End quote ---

Jeff - Are these actual Kubrick/Bearbrick cases?  How are you getting IG-88 & Carbo-Han to fit?  IG-88 won't fit for me and Carbo-Han scratches the  case if I try to put him in like you have shown.

Mikey D:
They're Johnny Lightning cases designed for diecast cars but work perfectly for Kubricks.  A bunch of people use them here (after we all stole borrowed the idea from Scott (OCB))

Do they "lock" together in any way like the Kubrick cases do?

I'm thinking not...

they interlock on all 4 sides/edges for making one giant display case of limitless sizes.

My collection from August.... new display photos to come soon!


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