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Hello all,

Well, space is getting limited in my little apartment and I'm getting rid of a bunch of comics, magazines, books, etc.

They are all listed in categories to make it easy to read. Prices are next to each category UNLESS noted. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE.  ;D

***Prices DO NOT include shipping, which will depend on quantities----I only ask for ACTUAL shipping 8)

Star Wars stuff is listed first and the rest afterwards. Everything is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Most things are in bags and boards.

I am also open to trading for these things. Below is a link for my trade list for my wants. If you don't have anything on my wants list, let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out.

Pictures of some things are below.

My trade link:

You can also check my feedback in the Feedback Forum.

Thanks for looking!!!

Star Wars Comics $1.50 each
•Dark Empire II (#s 1-6)
•Star Wars Empire’s End #1
•Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire #1-2
•Dark Force Rising #s 1-2
•SW Special Edition #s 1-4
•Shadows of the Empire #s 1-6
•Episode I The Phantom Menace #s 1-4 (picture covers)

Star Wars Insider Magazine Issues (in parenthesis I'll put what is on the cover) $2.50 each

•33 (wampa)
•35 (tusken raider)
•36 (jawas)
•37 (emperor/ian mcdiarmid)
•38 (simpsons: bart skywalker/homer vader)
•39 (vader/Ep I anakin)
•39 *misprint on issue—should have been 40 (Ep I amidala)
•41 (Ep I obi wan)
•42 (maul)
•43 (maul/qui gon)
•45 (naboo fighter)
•46 (Ep I 3PO)
•48 (cartoon 3PO, leia, chewie, greedo, r2, jawas)
•50 (hayden cristensen)
•52 (3PO, R2)
•53 (Palpatine)
•54 (obi wan)
•55 (mace windu)
•56 (Ep I obi wan/qui gon)
•57 (jango/zam)
•58 (Ep II anakin)
•60 (Ep II anakin/obi wan/amidala)
•61 (yoda)
•62 (aayla secura)
•63 (arena creature)
•64 (jango)
•65 (vader)
•66 (taun we)
•69 (clone wars animated)

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine $2.00 each
–It was like the Insider which had interviews with actors from films, game reviews, artist/painter interviews, reviews/articles on CCGs, toy previews, and would usually come with a poster, mini comic, trading card, etc. in the bag. After 13 issues, it switched to SW Galaxy Collector which based itself more on toys, games, CCGs, Expanded Universe items, trading cards, etc.

SW Galaxy Magazine issues 1-13
SW Galaxy Collector issues 1-4

Various Star Wars Magazines $2.00 each unless noted(specials, collector issues, commemorative issues, Vintage magazines)

-Boba Fett Sp. Ed. Magazine
-Sci Fi World (collector's issue) Winter '98
-Time Magazine/Ep 1 , April '99
-Entertainment Weekly Magazine/Ep 1, March '99
-Star Wars kids magazine
-Cinescape (collector's issue) /Ep 1, July '99
-Cinescape Insider/Ep 1, October '98
-Star Wars Official 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine (comes with cards in bag)
-Star Wars Ep 1 Official Souvenier Magazine
-Official Guide to SW toys (1998)
-Premier Magazine/Ep 1, May '99 (interviews with everyone in Phantom Menace and George Lucas, family tree of Skywalkers, other great stuff!)

Books $3.00 each unless noted.

-The Making of Episode 1 $6.00
-Episode 1 Story Book (not pictured)
-Star Wars-The Complete Script/Episode 1
-Episode 1 Scrapbook
-Star Wars Manga Comics: have 4 books of these (see pictures)
-Star Wars-The Complete Scripts for Episodes IV, V, VI (not pictured but it is all in one book).

Non-Star Wars Stuff

Spawn Comics $1.50 each unless noted.

-Have original issues #s 1-59 (PM me for any specific issue you may be looking for)
-Curse of Spawn #s 1-5, 9
-Spawn Blood Feud 1-4
-Spawn Fan Editions 1,2
-Spawn Bible
-Spawn/WildCats 1-4
-Spawn (crossover comics)
Deadly Duo
Medieval Spawn/Witchblade

-Spawn/Batman (DC Comics version)
-Spawn/Batman (Image Comics version)
-Angela (Spawn's enemy) Trade Paperback $5.00
-Violator/Badrock 1-4

Batman $1.50 each

-Movie adaptation of first Batman movie
-Batman vs. Predator

Shi (asian warrior) $1.50 each

-Shi/Cyblade 1
-Cyblade/Shi 1
-Shi #s 2, 5, 6

The Crow $1.00 each

-Dead Time 1-3
-Flesh and Blood 1-3
-City of Angels 1 ,2
-Pink Dust (also by J'Obarr)

Miscellaneous Comics $1.00 each (maybe find something you like?)

-Witchblade #1
-Grifter 1-2
-Killrazor 1
-Hellspace 1
-Ripclaw 1-2
-Cyblade 1
-Angela/Glory 1
-Glory/Friends Bikini
-Wildstorm (swimsuit issue)
-Avengelyne 1-2
-Avengelyne (Power) 1
-Avengelyne/Glory (foil cover) 2
-Safety Belt Man 2, 4, 5
-Demongate 1-4
-Chi-Chian 1-5
-Armature (first appeared in THE MAXX comics) 1, 2
-Kid Death and Fluffy (3 issues)
-Bliss Alley 1, 2
-Bill the Clown 1, 2
-My Life with Eddie 1
-Happenstance Jack
-Jay and Silent Bob 1-3
-Clerks Holiday Special
-Empty Zone 1, 2
-Morrigan 1
-Animal Mystic #4
-Roel 1
-Dolls 1
-Book of Lore
-House of Secrets (modern) #s 1-13..........Very good series! :o
-Book of Ants 1
-Sandman (Essential Vertigo reprints) 1, 3-8
-Blood 1
-Bru-Head 1-4
-Joe Psycho and Moo Frog 1, 4

Thanks for looking!

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