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Just happened to see some pics over at TNI of a couple of HP figures coming out this year from a company called Cards, Inc.  Apparently they are the group master toy licensee for the Harry Potter property throughout all of Europe.  There are pics of the Harry and Dumbledore figures HERE, if anyone is interested.  I don't know if these are available here as well, or if another company is producing them, or even if anything is being produced.  I'm not overly familiar with past lines, but I thought that Mattel used to do a toy line for HP, but there wasn't anything out for the last movie (at least as far as I was aware of).  Perhaps NECA or someone does a line/lines, and I'm not familiar with it.  Anyways, just thought I would pass it along.  I was surprised there wasn't a mass market line at retail for the HP movies, it seems like it would be pretty popular with kids and maybe even collectors.  Maybe the Mattel line(s) tanked though.  I really like the books and movies, but my wife would not be pleased if I was collecting "toys" from them :).  Just thought I'd pass the link along, and see what everyone has heard regarding action figures for these movies.

NECA announced a few months back that they have obtained the license for the HP movies. After seeing these Cards INC figures, i'm guessing the license is only good here in the US. These figures are pretty good (I like what they did with Harry) but i'm curious to see what NECA has up their sleeves...

I like the figures, very close to the actual actors, but I would like to see the first Dumbledore.

Thanks for the info Madcow.  I actually read yesterday that the first previews of NECA's Harry Potter stuff was supposed to be in the latest ToyFare (released yesterday I believe).  I've also read hints that they might be making a 3 3/4" line, although I'm not sure if that is true or not.  I haven't seen the pics released online yet though (of NECA's stuff).

NECA series 1 as revealed in Diamond Previews:

Harry Potter (Tri-Wizard Cup Uniform)
Dark Lord Voldemort
Death Eater #1 (Normal)
Death Eater #2 (Skull Face)

They're up for pre-order at EE:
"Harry Potter Action Figure Set. Can't attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Settle for these Action Figures instead! From the series of wizardry and magic comes the line of 7-inch tall Harry Potter Action Figures! The set of 5 pieces includes the following figures: 1x Harry Potter, 1x Voldemort, 1x Dementor, 1x Death Eater (Version 1), and 1x Death Eater (Version 2) (Styles subject to change)."


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