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Um, that guy isn't from HP he is from LotR.  More specifically, he is Tom Bombadil and his Mini-Bust there will be exclusive to New York Comic-Con and San Diego Comic-Con.  ;)

Well, my friend was just right on the ball, wasn't he.  :)  Can't trust him with nuthin....

Thanks for the info Jeff.  He got the con exclusive part of it, just not the other somewhat important details.  :)


Bumping up an older thread here, but I was just looking for some advice on Harry Potter figures.  Our daughter has really gotten into HP over the past six months or so, and of course it is a little late for the "hype" so there isn't a whole lot out there as far as merchandise (at least at retail).  Anyways, I've been looking over some of the toy lines to see if there is anything I can pick her up online or via ebay.  Obviously, the Cards Inc./Popco line from overseas is pretty nice, but looks to be quite pricey for those of us in the states (although I do have a Hermione on the way for her, since she is her favorite).  She also loves the LEGOs, and thanks to some help from efranks I was able to get the Hagrid's Hut set, but the rest of them are long gone from here and like most LEGOs quite pricey online.

I know that Mattel put out some simpler stuff for the first movie (or two?), but wasn't sure how those were as toys.  I was just starting to look at them online a bit.  NECA also has some nice stuff, but those seem more statue-like for the most part.  Also, while searching ebay I found this and was wondering what it was from:

I had noticed a couple other sets like this as well on ebay, and they seem to be Polly Pocket-like in size possibly.  They seem to be smaller (one shot had a comparison with a dollar bill) anyway.  Anyways, does anyone have any experience with any of the lines to give me some extra info?  Thanks in advance.

I always thought it was a shame that this movie series didn't have a really good action figure line to go along with it.  With all the movies, characters, settings, creatures, etc., it seems like it really could have been a Star Wars-like line while the movies/books were having their run.

Hmmm...never saw that before Brian...UK stuff?

It seems like those things I listed earlier are some sort of Polly Pocket sets.  I've ran across them in a few times in my searches now, and it seems like there were a handful of sets (made by Mattel), that are the same size as the Polly Pocket series of stuff.  Most of the auctions say "RARE!!!", but ebay nearly always says that so I don't know if they are.

I've been looking at the regular Mattel line just to see what was out there.  I vaguely remember them at retail while searching for SW stuff, but didn't take that close a look at them at the time.  Does anyone here have any opinons on them?  I'm primarily looking at them for a fun thing for our daughter to play with.  She's way into Potter, and with LEGO prices continuing to climb, I thought this might be a more affordable option.  I did get her a Hermione from that Popco (UK) line of figures, and it is very well done (looks like a SW figure really - sculpt/articulation wise).  It just looks like, outside of a few characters, it would get pretty pricey pretty quickly.  Thanks again.


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