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I just finsihed on the plane ride home yesterday The Silmarillion[/i] which is history of Elves in Middle Earth.  The thing is epic in proportion and may be my all time favorite book.  It is a very difficult read though.  There are like 200 names you need to keep track of so I was only able to read 3-4 pages a night.  The whole world that Tolkien created to supplement the history of LOTR is so rich and detailed and stunning.  You really have no idea until you read it all.  The gods, the elves, men, what went wrong etc etc  You can see some really cool almost Biblical connotations throughout the book...why do we die and is better to die than it would be to live forever?  It will definitely require a second reading just to make sure I have it all down and it will go a lot quicker then next time

Next up is Breakfast of Champions[/i] by Kurt Vonnegut.  I read this back in college but probably did not appreciate it very much so I am rereading it. :-*  

After that I am not sure what I will go for, I may dive back into the Hobbit or I may go onto something else entirely.

Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters

More than half way through this book and it's definitely a good one.  I would recommend anyone who hasn't read it yet to read it.

Oh yeah those Tales of (Cantina, Jabba's Palace and BH) are some of the best SW EU stories out there.

Currently I  am reading Darksaber. I am working my way up in order.

Angry Ewok:
A Bridge Too Far, and The X-Cutioner's Song TPB.


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