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JD Book Club: What Are You Reading Now?

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Mikey D:
I'm still reading Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy.  I'm almost finished with it, only about another 80 pages or so.  After that, it will be the quick read (2 days max) of SW: Force Heretic II: Refugee.  After that and in perfect time, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is finally almost here after 3+ years.  Can't wait.

Sith Lord Cosmo:
I have about 50 pages left in A Pirate Looks at Fifty, by Jimmy Buffett.  I'm really enjoying it.  Its his tale of going island hopping with his family for his 50th birthday.  In between the running commentary of his trip, he talks about growing up, his music career, previous trips.  Its great summer reading.

Next up I'll probably be reading the Harry Potter books again, so I can refresh my memory before #5 comes out

Just finished Aliens vs. Predator Prey. Picking up the second ands third books this weekend.

Darth Kenobi:
I finsihed In The COmapnay Of Heros by Michael Derante about the events depecited in the film Black Hawk Down.  Next I'll try to get Black Hawk Down.  I want to get back into the NJO since I been behind a couple of books not sure where I left off. :-[

Silent Prey by John Sandford.  You must have read this stuff at one point Scott?


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