Author Topic: DEAL FINISHED - WTT Evo Clones, TSC Yoda for misc. stuff  (Read 597 times)

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DEAL FINISHED - WTT Evo Clones, TSC Yoda for misc. stuff
« on: February 26, 2007, 03:45 PM »
I've traded the clones with JesseJames already; if you're interested in the Yoda you can still contact me but I doubt anyone is drooling for him, so feel free to close/delete this thread as needed.

First off, I would like to apologize for my previous classifieds post where I posted a WTB list and took it down shortly thereafter. I know that wasn't really very good etiquette and might look bad for future posts. However, I personally would like to give you my word that I will be leaving this post up and have no qualms about it; I took the previous thread down because I need to be saving money and couldn't afford to run around buying all kinds of stuff. Not a problem for me when it comes to trading.

That said, my collection of stuff isn't really all that exciting and I don't know if anyone will be interested. I am willing to part with. Each of these are loose, but have been handled relatively little and only really carefully posed for display/put into boxes:

Evolutions AOTC Clone (yellow version) w/ all accessories (large gun, normal and pilot helmets, E-11-esque blaster) x 1 (I have two and could be persueded to part with both depending on what's offered in return)
Evolutions ROTS Clone Commander (yellow version) w/ all accessories (helmet, duel tiny blasters) x 1 (the same goes about having two)
TSC Yoda (a ROTS reprint) with the lightsaber, plastic cloak, and stand (I'd like to keep the force lightning accessory, but a convincing enough offer could talk me out of that too)

I'm leaning on keeping him, but if you make me a good offer I could also part with a complete loose undamaged ROTS Quick-change Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader figure.

In addition, I am happy to throw in any of the following bonus items in any trade:
Loose but clean C3PO Pez Dispenser x1
Loose but clean Chewbacca Pez Dispenser (pre-ROTS version) x1
Loose but clean (and I might have one in a bag around here somewhere) Yoda pez dispenser x1
Mini-holo TSC Yoda (blue) x 1
Mini-holo TSC Luke (red) x 1/2
Mini-holo Obi Wan (red or blue)

I am willing to trade any of these on a 1-1 basis for:

POTF2 Luke Skywalker in Bespin Gear (must include hand, but lightsaber and blaster are not as neccesary)
Commtech/OTC Greedo (must include vest and blaster)
Snowtrooper (any version)
Commtech/OTC Stormtrooper

Any X-wing pilot that's not POTF2 Luke (must include helmets)

And I would trade any two (or three of the clones) for one of the following:
VOTC Lando Calrissian (minimum condition loose with no damages)
[/s]VTSC Luke Skywalker X-wing pilot (min. cond. loose with all accessories)
VOTC Princess Leia (min. cond. loose with no damages)
Evolutions Anakin Skywalker Episode II figure (preferably with all accessories/no damages)

 * I would also be interested in the tin set episode II Anakin Skywalker, but would prefer the Evolutions version because of the accessories
Evolutions Darth Vader (lightsaber is good but not absolutely neccesary; helmet required)
Tin Set Darth Vader (see Evo Darth Vader)
VOTC Han Solo (min. cond. loose with no damages)
VOTC Obi Wan Kenobi (min. cond. loose with all accessories)

I could also be talked into trading four figures for a complete evolutions Anakin set.

I am also interested in leftover customs parts if you have some you don't want. List anything you have and would be willing to part with, and I'll get back to you on it! :)

Additionally, I am willing to renegotiate my offer if you are interested in bartering. However, I would like to request that any initial offers be made in this thread rather than in private messages. I will be checking this thread any time I am at the computer and think of it (which might be daily). Thank you.

This list is subject to change and I will mark an update/bump as neccesary upon doing so.

Feel free to check my (old and untouched for several months now) feedback. Also, I can scan pictures of any of my items upon request.

Thanks for reading!
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