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EP IV Video Clip...
« on: March 30, 2007, 12:20 PM »
Hey Guys,

Long time no talk...  I could list a bunch of excuses but suffice to say work, and family has been taking up most of my time added to the fact internet axs at work is significantly monitored, and where we live now the fastest I get is 28.8 KBPS!!  Anyway  I hope all my old SW buddies are still around and can help me out...

I am looking for a place to download a specific video clip from ANH.  The clip I want is when Luke is lightsaber training on the Falcon.  I need the part where Luke complains about not being able to fight without being able to see, and Obi-Wan goes on about feeling the force around you...

Anyone know where I can download that?  Or anyone able to rip it form the DVD for me???

The closest I found is this clip, put it is a little too late in the movie.

Anyone??  Help me Jedi Defenders.. you are my only hope. ;-)

Scott  :-)
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