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Darth Plagieus Novel Cancelled

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Ghost of QG:
A quote from Sue Rostoni, the executive editor of fiction and comics at Lucasfilm Licensing, on her recent Star blog:

I'm sure you've noticed that the Plagueis novel is not listed. It's true. The novel has been cancelled. We decided that this was not the right time to delve into Palpatine's back story and Plagueis's beginnings. You'll still see Jim Luceno around, though, as he's an author we are not willing to lose.

This stinks. I was really loking forward to Palpatine's past. Oh well.

That is too bad, the allusion in the movie definately created some interest in that backstory. It is probably more a matter of "if" than "when" they get around to selling telling it.

Darth Depressis:
this makes me kinda happy, i was rather bummed out to hear he was a munn.


--- Quote from: Darth Depressis on April  3, 2007, 09:45 AM ---this makes me kinda happy, i was rather bummed out to hear he was a munn.

--- End quote ---

Last I checked he was still a Muun, there just isn't a book getting written about it.

Darth Depressis:
 i would not be surprised if thats why they cancelled it. aside from this picture:

i was never too hot about him being a muun, with all the aliens in the starwars mythos to choose from: a muun?
why not a gungan while were at it. quite frankly i hope theres a better reason than we don't think he should be a muun, like maybe they'll make a pc game /multimedia thing.

but personally i was really excited about the prospect of getting a new luceno book, if anyone remembers an insider article with him about dark lord, he voiced his hopes of doing a Plagueis/qui-gon book where both would separately be searching for the way to beat death and ultimately come up with different methods.  now, what if in a rough draft JL attempted to portray the shamans of the whill as yoda's species? I'm pretty sure Lucas would smack that outta the park. hence the cancelllation.


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