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Darth Plagieus Novel Cancelled

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Picked this up yesterday at WM for $18. Putting it second on my to read list behind "Choices of One".

Started this. Pretty interesting so far. Just getting to the part where Plagueis is going to meet Palpatine (or at least his family) I believe.

If you enjoy SW books you need to read this. The Plagueis stuff was interesting. The Palpatine stuff is fascinating. Getting the back story and "behind closed doors" stuff on him leading up to and into The Phantom Menace.

And then all the interesting things about and leading up to the roles of Jedi Master Dooku, Padme, Sifo Dyas, Nute Gunray, San Hill, Valorum, Darth Maul, Qui Gon, Obi Wan, and the list goes on.

Fun to read a SW book again that I really enjoyed.

I finished this today and I actually have to give it a solid thumbs up.  I was intrigued as to how long Plagieus was alive and how cool Palps backstory was...  Plus it really fills in a lot of Prequel plot...Trade Fed,  Naboo Politics,  Dooku, Sifo-Dyas, the rest of the Separtists, it is well done and one of the first EU novels I have enjoyed in a long time!

Jesse James:
That's a really solid recomendation since I didn't think you were much on EU Scott.  I may pick this up now too.  I'm still a little bothered by the alien choice for Plagueis though.  :-\  I think I can get past that, but I just found that species kind of lame.


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