Author Topic: FS: Darth Maul Battle Damaged FX Lightsaber x2 $73 Each  (Read 415 times)

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 I am selling here the Master Replicas Darth Maul Battle Damaged FX Lightsaber. I have 2 available. These can be connected with the included coupler to make the Full Darth Maul Double Bladed Lightsaber FX. These are Awesome :)
 They have been opened to test the electronics then Carefully placed back in the Master Replicas Box. Both have Beautiful Red Blades and Awesome Very Loud sound.

I am selling them at $73 each plus shipping Or $145 plus shipping for 2 to make a Full Darth Maul Duel of the Fates Lightsaber.. Shipping should not be bad as they are heavy but Not Super Heavy.

 Please PM if I can Help

I am also interested in trading for a ROTS Obi Wan Kenobi FX and a New Yoda FX if that works for someone.
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