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« on: May 15, 2007, 05:34 PM »
 8)Hey, I've posted on yakface for a while now & Lance Quazzar suggested I post this everywhere so I'm taking his advice . . . 

As the Clonewars nears its end Coruscant breathes a sigh of relief.

With the Supreme Chancellor safely returned to office & Count Dooku defeated, public confidence is at an all time high.

Behind the scenes however relationships are being pushed to the very limit, friendships tarnished & the Dark side rises . .

A veil of evil has swept silently across all walks of life in the galaxy.

The Black Illusion has decieved all . . . . . . .

District 26 is amassed with the general public going about their business. Not far from most of the main transport bays, senate security are always on hand.

{click} "This is H.Q with a priority 1 update from the Chancellors office" the COM link crackles.

The guards stir "A code orange has been issued upon all members of the Jedi order, please treat them with extreme caution & apprehend on sight”

The more senior of the two interjects “ this is sergeant Cortez district 26 - Zelda on what  possible basis are these instructions?’

“A reported attempt was made upon the supreme chancellors life by senior members of the council, it has been decreed that they are now separatists & officially enemies of the republic.

Cortez lets out a confused sigh “I cant believe it Dorm, the Jedi have been keepers of the peace for generations no way would the entire council attempt murder?’

“I dunno’ officer Dorm replies “these cult types have always got some sort of grand scheme for the universe - maybe today’s The End Of Days on the Jedi calendar?’

Cortez absorbs the shocking possibility that their greatest allies could have switched sides “ They don’t marry, drink or gamble, they dedicate their lives to self discipline - there’s not a bad bone in ‘em!’

As they struggle with the momentous news a republic trooper begins an ambush  “freeze Jedi’

Instinctively Cortez attempts to intervene as the two dumbfounded Padawans look on in disbelief.

At full speed Cortez tries to avert the inevitable “stop, they’re kids - THEY ARE CHILDREN!!!”

As a second wave of troopers move in it becomes obvious that this is a hyper efficient takedown - no prisoners - no survivors - close range confirmed kill!

Officer Dorm following his sergeants lead decides to take down the 1st trooper deciding that the youngest child’s safety outweighs everything else!

Having not counted on the Senate guards intervention trooper no1 is quickly disarmed.

Now however the 2nd & 3rd troopers decide to complete their objective immediately.

The Padawan prefect protects the youngling as only a Jedi can - Sabre style!

Again on instinct Cortez decides that the best non lethal c.o.a is to play some sweet chin music to trooper no2.

Unfortunately trooper no3 is playing for keeps.

In the chaos, as Cortez confirms trooper no2 is down - the elder Padawan yells out!

But its too late for Officer Dorm . .

In a second move trooper no3 then turns his attention to the Jedi . . .

Forgetting about Cortez . . . .

With a few milli seconds difference Cortez’ shot hits as trooper no3 fires

Hitting a communications array . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2007, 05:39 PM »
 :o :o 8) This looks like a great story,but your pics are a bit fuzzy.Great customs too! Welcome to the forum!
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That's a pretty cool pn, thanks for sharing your hard work with us!  8)
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