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The republic capital burns . . . .

Order 66 has been put into action resulting in the near annihilation of Jedi spanning over 200 worlds.

Liberty is an echo & the first Galactic Empire is born of the chaos.

Yet the newly christened  - Emperor - Palpatine still maintains a Black Illusion over the people, blaming not only the Separatist movement upon the Jedi but the war itself.

The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated. Any collaborators will suffer the same fate  . . . .

Amidst the flames a solitary figure rises, unsteady at first but quickly finds his composure.

“Excuse me sir, are you alright?” a familiar voice asks “looks to me like you were caught in the crossfire”

“yes trooper I seem to be functioning fine” he states “how long was I down?”
“Difficult to say sir, we were on cleanup else where when we got the call just now”

As things become clearer a security trooper attempts to quell a forming crowd “Alright people, move along - nothing to see here” he bellows in a very well rehearsed manor.

A Shistavanen citizen steps forward “we saw flames coming from the Jedi temple, then saw an explosion here” he taps the trooper “we under attack again?”

Amongst the wreckage a trooper helps a fallen colleague to his feet & then spots a humanoid shape through the smoke.

“Look this Jedi still shows signs of life” 

Suddenly the haze around Cortez’ memory clears - “permission to terminate commander” the trooper continues over his COM link.

Again like a switch being flipped inside his head Cortez, grabbing a huge chunk of debris acts upon what he hears!

Disabling the offending trooper . . . .

Then quickly drawing his blaster to stop the other . . . . .

{click} He is then aware of cold metal to his brow - it’s the security trooper -“I dunno what your game is but . .’’

Trooper 3 doesn’t get to finish his sentence . .  .

Hurriedly Cortez takes the rubble away . . .

“you’ll be ok buddy” he states warmly “but we need to leave!”

“Please” the Padawan chokes “we must not leave him here, he is family”
Cortez can see that the lifeless boy is lost, but to hasten their exit he simply agrees.

“I got him don’t worry, just get yourself up & gone c’mon!” the smoke is at least cover for their retreat . . .

Sometime later across town . . . . .

The old man is startled by the wounded  young one . .

A dishevelled Cortez follows - “Galen, Galen my boy what is all o diss madness?” the old man screeches with a heavy accent..

“my oh my Galen . . .  have you been blown up again?” He scolds.
“I’m fine grandpapa, but things aren’t right out there - did you not notice?”

At the back of the shop the old mans knowledge of  the more traditional medicine & a little bit of science  allows for the dressing  of the Padawans injury.

“I can’t believe dis wrongness “ he shakes his head “ so very wrong - but you my boy acted exactly as you always did, honourably for the good of others!”

With the three in the back rooms the buzzer alerts them to a visitor inside the shop.

“Damn” Cortez rages “if we were tracked here he’s in big trouble”
“don’t fret my boy, grandpapa  can fix anything!”

Out front the visitor is a long time friend - Knish brie.
“Knish, my boy is in trouble again I can’t . . ” The Nemodian interrupts “The authorities are on their way, I overheard them on the scanner! They named Galen!”

The conversation is cut short as the doorway slides open . . .

“Hey Mr Cortez, it seems Galen is A.W.O.L might be in the company of a dangerous felon” The senate guard states in a gentle manor.

Before being swept aside by a troop commander “I need to search the back citizen. .” he grunts.

With his ear to the door Cortez knows that it could all be about to go off . . . .

Behind him however the Padawan sits bolt upright . . .

In the front the grouchy commander seems to slightly tilt his head “you can go about you business, we’ll move along”

Dumbfounded the senate guard leaves a new COM link on the table “Tell Sergeant Cortez to radio in A.S.A.P.”

The old man rests slightly after all of the excitement “Coast clear?” Cortez pipes up.

“Galen, I swore to your mother along time ago that I’d keep you safe - you must leave tonight, do what you were made to do & protect those that need you”
Cortez follows the instruction “My boy you can message me anytime you need through your uncle Knish “

Out back Cortez interrupts the now fully woken Padawan.

“We gotta bail out friend”
“Sure” the Padawan replies solemnly “but just one thing . . . “ 

An hour later & the droid shop is at peace again, the old man tinkers with his stock as a distraction worriedly . .

Secretly, away from prying eyes Galen & Padawan Durandel attend a private cremation at one of the old steel works deep downtown.

“You honour your grandfather with such kindness” Durandel states “You honour my kin with the dignity he was so nearly denied, tell me how may I honour you Galen Cortez?”

“say alive” Cortez replies “your under my protection now as a witness for the republic senate. Don’t die & it’ll seem like I have done a decent job at that!”

As the body of the fallen youngling is consumed by the molten metal both wonder what it is that fate has in store for them . . . And the Empire . . .
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 ;D Cool!!I like it so far!Keep up the good work! :D
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