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SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Cornucopian Evil - Epilogue*
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1. Some years ago armistice was declared between two malevolent powers in the universe.
The last of an ancient race - Mygalomorphae the everlasting - had been without a mate for over a millennia.
Unable to produce offspring she desperately clung to the hope that somewhere, eventually the answer to her plight would reveal itself.

To be the last of your kind for eternity is a heavy burden to bear . . .

2.  Across the centuries she found a way to recruit followers to her cause in exchange for the only thing she had - her life force.

Amongst the dead & dying on any given battlefield she would offer them a new life & a new purpose.

3. Eventually news of her massive recruitment drive reached a powerful & knowledgeable Sith Lord.

When  the female of her ancient race lays eggs for fertilisation a small stone is passed from the gut.
With a limited lifespan the stone allows a small amount of foresight - enough to select the strongest & nearest mate.

The Sith Lord concluded that combined with Dark side energies this window into the future would be a priceless acquisition, exaggerating his already impressive foresight abilities tenfold!

4. An uneasy bargain was made whereby he would forward any & all information he had acquired regarding the creation of life, continuing to do so as & when he acquired it.

In exchange every 10 years he would be given the birthstone as payment.

5. Suddenly however the exchange stopped . . . 

6. Present day, the vertical city - Nar Shadaa .  . .

7. On one of the many walkways, Durandel hurries after his newly aquired companion ..

8. “What seems to be the problem miss?” he asks “I get the feeling you are starting to distance yourself from our aquaintence?”

9. “What is your problem?” the female snaps cruelly
“we have no aqaintance - get gone child before I send you headfirst into the nearest supernova!!!”

10. As she turns away the Padawan retaliates even though he probably shouldn’t


11. Stopping dead in her tracks she turns 180 & squres up to the young one
“YOU know nothing of me neonate - I answer to noone & noone answers to me!!”

“Then if I have made assumptions there is only  you to correct me!” he replies.

12. Unmoved she continues onwards to her destination, admissibly recognising Durandel in persuit.

13. They enter a Jek jek tar lounge - a bar mainly for non humans where the air has a certain level of toxicity for recreational purposes.

A battle droid squeals for mercy as it is pushed from pillar to post by the revellers . . .

14. One extremely large, one eyed wookie seems to take great pleasure in the teasing!

15. As the noise of music & merriment reaches a maximum, blaster fire rings out . . . .

16. A patron smirks from behind a smoking blaster, the noise starts up again & the celebration continues.

17. At a table in the corner of the room Durandel & the female continue their heated discussion.

“How long have you known my identity?” the newly revealed Ventress questions
“From the start” Durandel answers.

To a  JedI in training the prospect of redemption seems to be at least a glimmer of hope for even those completely consumed by hatred & fear - to a former Sith apprentice however hoplessness & early death seem the more likely outcome . . .

18. As an hour passes the lounge becomes even louder & more rowdy . . . .

19. “Hey I know you!” a denizen yells “you’re that chick - Dooku’s broad: there must be a waiting list as big as Yavin for those who want your head!”     

20. Feeling that he was just beginning to get through to Ventress - Durandel  lunges at the sleazebag in a desperate bid to halt his tirade before he attracts the attentions of the bigger, badder drinkers . . .

21. TOO LATE . . . .

22. Back in the depths of the ancient temple on Makem Hek, Grandpa Cortez has arrived to transfer Galen’s specific memory files onto a portable view screen.

“Will this take long?” Alpha trooper asks “No, no, no” Grandpa chuckles “it’s a  very simple!”

23. A whirring emanates from the wiring, Galen’s eyes ****** from side to side like someone reading at great speed..

24. “Grandpa I feel sick!” Galen murmurs

“Donna  be so silly son, you can‘t be sick”  Grandpa reassures

25. As the machine whirrs louder & louder Galen bolts forwards . . .

This isn’t a straightforward file transfer its Sith scripture -
Galen isn’t so straightforward either!

26. As electricity consumes Galen trooper Alpha takes cover . . .

27. After a number of bangs & flashes Galen come to on his hands & knees, still feeling hazy.

28. Once to his feet a disrupter rifle rests itself upon his brow “waddaya tryin to pull bubo?”
Alpha shouts.   

29. As quick as lightning Cortez disarms the trooper . . 

30. “check your pops” the alpha chimes “he looks bad!”

31. Sure enough it seems that Grandpa wasn’t quick enough to avoid the fireworks.

32.”Let me heal him man of wires, the sooner I can begin the better survival rate he has?”
the ancient being states convincingly.
“No thanks, this family has had enough resurrection disasters” Cortez replies.

33. Alpha trooper alerts them that the transfer process was successful . . .

34. Mygalomorphae cradles the new tome & laughs excitedly aloud - her quest is a step closer to it’s goal! 

35. Back at Jek jek tar the two force users are heavily outnumbered against the mercs & bounty hunters inside.

36. “THE JEDI WILL NOT BE HARMED”  a voice growls - it appears to be a large Bothan patron.


38. The original troublemaker makes the first move towards the Bothan & a full scale brawl erupts!

39. The familiar sounds of blaster discharge & the hum of a sabre fill the air . ..

40. The giant Wookie dives upon  the student of the light, minimising his usefulness  in battle - snarling inches from his face . .

41. A full 20 mins later  Durandel & Ventress find themselves back outside the lounge setting as the sound of breaking glass & smell of smoke echo from inside . .

42. “We must go back” Durandel panics “that warrior had our backs in there!”
“NO” Ventress hisses “His death will be in vain if you die too - come!”

43. Outside an apartment block two figures exchange objects under the cover of darkness . .

44. Inside one of Ventress’s many safe houses across the galaxy Durandel  attends to the fixtures & fittings that can be repaired. “Never had you down as the apartment type” he chuckles as his companion returns “I have prepared us sustenance when you’re ready”

45. Aloof once again Ventress stays hidden underneath her cloak & hood. Durandel has observed many intense mood swings whilst in her company, this one seeming almost depressive in nature.

46. As he brushes away her hood it becomes obvious that Ventress is out of it. Her stare vacant & her responsiveness non existent.

Whatever demons she is fighting - a quick fix seems to be her only tried & tested solution to the pain. The rage enhancers that she & Grievous shared have taken over what little soul she once clung to!

47. After erupting  into a ‘getting high is not the answer’ monologue, he sits with his head in his hands
trying to  deconstruct her train of though but she races off into the night.

How he wonders can it be so hard to get through to someone who has shown signs of progression - only to spiral back so soon?

48. In the dead of night  she returns once again, perhaps drawn by the young mans continuing hopes for her to succeed - even after the darkness she has embraced for so long . .

49. Standing over him as he lies defencelessly before her, multiple feelings run through her  mind.

 Uncertain of her own thought processes anymore she defers back to instinct  . .

50. As the boy stirs she places her left foot beside him & hitches up her skirt . . .

51. Was  it possible that Obi Wan was right about her all along?

The boy has similar hopes . . 

Obi Wan . . . That thought stays with her . . .

52. As she grasps his wrists tightly Durandel momentarily wonders if she is about to kill him in his sleep deprived state of mind . . .

53.  But as she kisses him he relinquishes himself to her mercy . . .

54. As the silhouettes within the mirror ball reflect . .

Change can be a good thing but it can come at a heavy price!

To be continued . . . .


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Re: SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Cornucopian Evil - Epilogue*
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i hope i'm the first to say that was awesome...i will add to this post later...great work.

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Re: SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Cornucopian Evil - Epilogue*
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wow...this was a really cool chapter (prologue thingy lol)...well done
in the words of a famous admiral......


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Re: SW: BLACK ILLUSION *Cornucopian Evil - Epilogue*
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 ;D Thanks guys!

I took a risk with the last few final scenes but we dont have any info on ventress after the obsession comics so I figured that even if the EU add to her history - my little side route shouldnt do much damage!

Next one up soon, thanks again  ;)