Author Topic: VOTC Stormtroopers, army builders for trade  (Read 1464 times)

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VOTC Stormtroopers, army builders for trade
« on: August 8, 2007, 04:18 PM »
Here's what I need:

I'm looking for TAC Storm Troopers; they MUST be carded/complete (that means WITH the coins, accessories...etc)!!!

I will trade one VOTC Storm Trooper for two TAC Storm Troopers. All other figures I will trade one for one (1:1).


Here's what I have:

- VOTC Storm Trooper x7, carded in clamshells C8-9

- TSC Elite Corps Clone Trooper x3
NOTE:Two are carded in C8-9 condition, but ONE of these figures is loose/complete/MINT, right out of the package but in a plastic baggie. Has hardly been touched!

- TSC 501st Clone Trooper x2, carded C8-9

- TSC Battle Droids (camo), carded C8/9

- TSC Combat Engineer Clone Trooper, carded C8/9

- TSC Clone Trooper (AOTC), carded C8/9

- ROTS Commander Bly (yellow joint version), carded C8/9

- I also have 9 VOTC/VSC clamshells, and one (1) Target General Grievous clamshell. Make your own proposal.


My trade feedback can be found here.

Also, pictures of any item are available upon request!

I ship via USPS with delivery confirmation code. SERIOUS TRADERS ONLY!!! I prefer any trades to be completed promptly!!!

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