Author Topic: Have Star Wars displays for sale  (Read 975 times)

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Have Star Wars displays for sale
« on: June 11, 2003, 07:12 PM »
Ok, let's try this again......

A while back, I decided I was gonna try to get rid of all of my Star Wars store displays but I was never able to get pictures of them. A display is obviously not something I can describe very well. If it was a mass produced product liek a figure or vehicle that everybody would recognize by name it would be no problem.

I got me a camera, gonna take pictures of all of them and try to have Walmart put them in a disk and then if there is anybody interested please E-MAIL ME that way when the pics get developed I can send them to you as attachments. If I am able to get them somehow on the web that will obviously make it easier but I am not sure if that will happen.

So if any of you are interested in Star Wars store displays, drop me an e-mail

For those interested, here are some pics......have more to get on my computer

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Re: Have Star Wars displays for sale
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2003, 07:32 PM »
Some interesting stuff there Gundam.  Do you have any prices for them (I think you're supposed to)?  BTW, it looks like only have of those URL's actually made it into the link, so clicking on the links won't work.  We have to copy the whole path down and paste it into our browsers.

I don't want to do a bunch of copy/pastes with those, but was interested to know if you've got any vintage store displays in there at all.  Please LMK.  Thanks!

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Re: Have Star Wars displays for sale
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2003, 02:03 AM »
I got most of them put up on an album recently.

Go here is you are interested

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Re: Have Star Wars displays for sale
« Reply #3 on: August 17, 2003, 03:01 PM »
Ok, here are the prices: (in order that they appear on the album on the link above)

Prices  do not include shipping and if you buy multiples we can definitevely work on the prices

Pic #1
$15 Jedi Outcast stand up

Pic #2
$15 Yoda oval sticker

Pic #3
$10 Anakin/Podrace scene long

Pic #4
$10 each  (4) Star Wars Saga pieces

Pic #5
$10 Amidala scene

Pic #6
$10 each Yoda and Jango cardboard pieces

Pic #7
$10 Kmart double sided prize display

Pic #8
$5  each Maul and Jar Jar displays

Pic #9
$10 Holo Foil X-wing display

Pic #10
$5  E1 video release display(pod racers)short

Pic #11
$10 E1 video release display(Anakin w/helmet)

Pic #12
$10 E1 video release display(pod racers)long

Pic #13
$15 Anakin banner large

Pic #14
$15 Darth Maul scene display

Pic #15
$15 E1 video release display (Maul) large

Pic #16
$15 Galactic Battle Grounds large display box

Pic #17
$5  Taco Bell display w/ Maul cup

Pic #18
$5  Taco Bell display Anakin running

Pic #19
$5  Taco Bell display "LARGE" cup

Pic #20
$5  Taco Bell display Anakin w/toys

Pic #21
$5  Taco Bell display C-3PO w/cups

Pic #22
$5  Taco Bell display "$1.49" toys

Pic #23
$5  Taco Bell display cup toppers

Pic #24
$5  Taco Bell display large C-3PO w/cup

Pic #25
$5  Red Star Wars starburst med size

Pic #26
$10 Yoda w/lightsaber display

Pic #27
$5  Han Solo Paradise Snare display

Pic #28
$10 double sided Star Wars red starburst large

Pic #29
$10 Anakin w/pod race scene display medium

Pic #30
$10 Obi Wan w/ duel scene display medium

Pic #31
$10 Amidala scene display medium

Pic #32
$10 Watto w/ podracer scene display large

Pictures #33 to #36 show an 8 piece set of display pieces that hung above the rental video shelves at local Blockbusters.  In the pictures you only see 7 pieces.  Piece number 8 is the exact same size as the other 7 except it is entirely black with the 20th Century Fox logo in the middle.  Each piece is huge and they all go together to make this huge scene.  I took the pictures of all of them placed next to each other to show how they go together.  I will only sell these as a set for $80.