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In the skies above the Imperial city a small one-manned vessel weaves sadistically towards the on coming traffic, forcing innocent commuters to swerve away from almost certain impact!

2. The fighter descends on an exclusive landing platform as a black clad figure emerges  . . .

3. Vader: “Well  Joyeuse, the Emperor returned with little in the way of value - I trust there was more to his excursion than he would have me believe?”

 Joyeuse: “There was indeed my Lord, it would appear that an exchange took place between his excellence & a being of some power in the catacombs of Makem Hek!”

4. As Joyeuse reports his findings - he becomes aware of a subtle change in Vader. As if pieces of a larger puzzle were beginning to form somewhere behind his cold black eyes . . .

5. The force tremors around them as Vader’s rage boils to the surface . . . .

Vader: “So the Emperor HAS indeed withheld information from me . . Just as I had begun to suspect.
You have indeed excelled yourself  Joyeuse - however this now demands a change in my overall plan . . . .” 

6. The vote of confidence from the Dark Lord triggers a memory in Joyeuse’s mind: to a time when a little encouragement would have gone along way . . . .

7. Joyeuse: “We really stuck it to ‘em on Geonosis Master Windu, wish I was there myself”
Humouring the chronicler Master Windu nods politely “Indeed, would you mind registering these reports as soon as possible - they will be tactically & historically very important?”

8. Eager to please, Joyeuse  snivels further “of coarse Master Windu they may take me a while but I’ll make them top priority”

9. As Windu exits Saesee Tiin enters the room in a less forgiving mood!

Tiin: “Hah! You gotta be a real JedI to go out in the field - remind me why you can only keep books again?”

10. A touchy subject for Joyeuse Tiin uses it as a distraction to unload yet more battle logs & landing reports upon the chronicler . . . 

11. “Have fun!!” Master Tiin chuckles as he makes for the exit . .

12. Joyeuse remembers that anger all to well - something he’ll never be forced to suppress again!

13. Present day - a med lab on Coruscant

14. “staring at him ain’t gonna improve his status hon.”  a nurse chirps “why don’t you get some shut eye if your sticking around?”

15.As the nurse goes about her duties the Crimson guard turns away from her, yet to say a word.
“I don’t think I ever came across you guys in med before - thought you had a centre all to yourselves?”

16. As the Guard removes his helmet Galen Cortez is revealed . . .

17. Galen:  “Sorry, I . . well he’s a special case being funded privately . . The authorities can’t be told!”
Nurse: “As long as you got the credits honey I ain’t got time to report to nobody, demands of the job”

18. “I’m surprised they ain’t on your case though, that stand off with the old guard is really taking off”

19. Galen grabs the nurse by the arms “what stand off with the old guard . . . Where?”

20. As she relays the information he suits up once more & heads for the exit . . .

21. Nurse: “Don’t be a hero honey - your credits are only enough for one bacta tank”

22. . . . . . . . 

23. Nearly an hour later across town the stand off is near breaking point . . .

24. Gunfire has been exchanged for hours ..   

25. With both sides taking heavy casualties a stalemate is reached . . .

26. Behind the barricades a Troop commander explains himself to the newly arrived Imperial S.P

Commander “I’m sorry ma’m  but they are right above one of the four main gas lines, bombardment is out of the question. The only way in/out is that Parma steel door which is 12 layers thick to contain any leak from inside”

27. {huk}  The cold blade of a vibrostaff ends the debate . .

28. From inside the few survivors desperately try to gain their composure long enough to come up with any ideas that they have yet to try.

29. From behind them a red guard emerges “you were never a glass is half full kinda guy Dorm!”

30. The Sergeant leaps forwards & with some encouragement removes the crimson helmet.

31. As he does so Galen uses the chance to turn the tables as they seem less than pleased to see him so far. “Dorm it’s me Galen” he growls “stop time wasting or more people are gonna die!”

Confused but determined Dorm stands firm “Galen Cortez is a Blue blood like me, red ain’t even in his dictionary!”

32. Galen : “Dorm it’s me - last time I saw you we were helping JedI escape an assassination attempt!”

33. “Is this true?” A child’s voice speaks from behind them

34. Galen “Yes it’s true but we have little time for pleasantries - we need to go YOU especially need to get out now!”

35. As Galen & Dorm are hurriedly re-acquainted it becomes clear to Galen that his friend has been protecting the Padawan much the same as he himself has with Durandel.

36. Outside Necatarina - Imperial Sovereign Protector to the Emperor - shows her leadership abilities by commandeering a construction wagon.

37. The high density laser used to cut steel of all kinds makes short work of the thickened door.

38. “c’mon”  Sergeant Dorm screams “You have to use the service tunnels Galen showed us!”
The boy is reluctant to abandon his friend “I’ll see you on the other side?” he asks.
“YES” Galen spits “GO!”

39. The screeching of metals echoes loudly as the final piece of the door caves. . .

40. “We gotta get you suited & booted” Dorm insists “if you do good today Galen - you do it in Blue!”

41. Inside the access tunnels the Padawan uses his blade to guide their movements . . .

42. “This isn’t necessary Dorm” Galen groans “I’m ok as I am!” A stern look from his friend says it all - what they had stood for all their lives is near it’s end & dignity is all Dorm wants for them now!

43. “Do you hear anything?” the Padawan asks his assigned protector “no kid but I’m sure they are ok” the guard replies hopefully.
Padawan : “I have a sense of foreboding down here - we must be cautious”

44. As Galen straps his boots he hears a blood curdling scream . . .

45. . . . . Dorm . . .

46. Further along he finds another guard but before the can exchange conversation they are interrupted.

47. Necatarina: “I see you are a sergeant .. . . Everyone leave us!!”

48. The guard raises his weapon to her “No” Galen shouts “get to the tunnel & protect the boy!”

49. Unthreatening but prepared Galen awaits her first mistake . .. .

50. Necatarina: “I came with 4 imperial guards but then I became aware of a 5th - impressive!”

51. Underground, thankfully the guard Galen dispatched catches up to the Padawan & his protector  . .

52. As Necatarina chats Galen dishes out an unorthodox side kick against her blade.

53. Stomping it to the ground!

54. He swishes his cape like a dancing bird . . .

55. Picking up the blade on his way round!!!

56. Guard 1: “Look - now he’s here I’m gonna check ahead since you are feeling uneasy”
      Padawan “Ok  but stay close!”
     Guard 2 “it’s ok laddie your safe with me”

57. The Padawan continues along the tunnel . . .

58. After witnessing her final breath Galen races to the service hatch & races along the tunnel at top speed!


60. He has failed - all he can do is scream “AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGHHHHHHH!”

61. “Think you’re the only one who can dress up automaton?” Joyeuse sniggers to himself from further on down the tunnel as Galen’s cries pass him like a gust of wind.

62.Poised above the Wookie Home world of Kashyyyk Vader receives an update . . . . .

63. Joyeuse “I didn’t have the pleasure of killing Necatarina myself my Lord, I can however confirm the wenches death! I did however manage to bag myself a Jedi, got the trophy to prove it!”

Vader: “Ex-cellent work Joyeuse - this must indeed be the day for hunting Jedi - I am tracking a small group myself as we speak. . . . That is all for now.

64. As the ships shadow slowly casts upon the planets surface -  it bears an uncanny comparison to the empire upon the galaxy . . . .



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wow....that was a GREAT chapter man...well done!
in the words of a famous admiral......