Author Topic: Have McStormies, Animated Fett, UGH Airbornes, Exclusives POTF2-Now  (Read 773 times)

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Really need to take a break for a while so I am cutting back on the Prequel stuff.  I wiill probably have to update this every few days since I need to unpack alot of stuff.  If you are looking for something specific feel free to email.  I will sell most items but some I am going to only do trades for.     8) TBC


Airborne Trooper UGH x3
McQuarrie Stomrtroopers x6
30AC Animated Fett
SAGA Scoarch x2
30AC Galctic Marines x2
Battlepack: Hunt for Grievous (1st Release)
Battlepack: Jedi Temple Assault
Evolutions Sith Set
Evolutions Anakin Set
Evolutions Clone Set (Version 1)
Evolutions Clone Set (Version 2)
POTJ Fett 300th
Muftak & Kabe
Oola & Salacious Crumb
Sneak Preview Mace Windu
POTF2 A-Wing with Pilot (Loose)
POTF2 Y-Wing (Loose, Target Exclusive)
SAGA Snowspeeder (Loose, Target Exclusive)
OTC Stormtrooper Loose
OTC Biker Scout Loose
OTC Sandtrooper Loose
OTC Han AT-ST Pilot Loose
OTC General Madine Loose
OTC Lando General Loose
OTC Lando Skiff Loose
OTC IG-88 Loose
OTC Bossk Loose
OTC Darth Vader Death Star Attack Loose
OTC Han Solo Loose
OTC Chewbacca Loose
All ROTS (MOC) just ask
All SAGA2 E1, E2, E3 Figs (MOC) just ask


CZ4 x2
McQuarrie Vader
Hermi Odle
C-3PO with Salacious Crumb
Legends Sandtrooper (Orange Pauldron)
Legends Pit Droids
Legends Battle Droids (2nd Release Red Variation)
Legends R4-I9
Legends RA-7
Legends EP IV, V, IV and EU Coin
Disney Cantina Band Member
Comic Pack - A'Sharad Hett & Dark Woman
Comic Pack - Darth Vader & Princess Leia
Comic Pack - Luke Skywalker & Mara Jade
Galactic Heroes Han and Logray
Unleashed Maul Loose
Unleashed Han (1st Release) Loose
Unleashed Stormtrooper Loose
Unleashed Padme Loose
Unleashed Aurra Sing Loose

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Re: Have McStormies, Animated Fett, UGH Airbornes, Exclusives POTF2-Now
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