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3. The morning sun creates a halo effect around the orbiting station, as the Firespray closes in the platform hails them . .

4. {{announcement}} ”Now here this, now here this docking procedures have been initiated, all personnel please adhere to the safety protocols as instructed”

5.Within the operations room lights flicker & consoles beep with fury as the unscheduled ship descends.

6.1st officer Nate Jenson arrives to be briefed on unfolding events . .

7. Draco Yest frantically secures the many security locks giving the occupants of the vessel a single path to follow out of the docking bay.

8. Nate: “Shish - it’s definitely not like Goro to ignore protocol, I’d inform the commander just in case it turns nasty!”

9. ((announcement)) Commander Ronson Phipps to comms please, code orange!”

10. Even the droids are concerned at the break in protocol . . .

11. A reconfigured mouse droid trails the corridor arriving at the only point of entry . . .

12. (swoosh) the elevator doors fly open & two figures are visible.

13. After capturing their images & scanning their vitals the droid turns tail with the data recorded.

14. Momentarily a two man crew emerge with medical supplies . .

15.Worlds away at an undisclosed location the traitor Joyeuse thumbs through more ancient text.

16. Almost choking with glee he once again admires the Emperors tome.

17.Joyeuse: “The secrets this book can bestow is beyond comprehension my lord”

Vader “I can comprehend much Joyeuse - you have shown me nothing of relevance - you test my patience”

18. Joyeuse “But my Lord this language hasn’t been spoken for millennia, the translation needs to be exact!”

19. Joyeuse: “I beg your lenience in this matter - have I not proven my undying loyalty solemnly enough Lord Vader?”

20. Vader “Perhaps - but the untapped potential within these writings is not worth the Emperors wrath - we must be cautious!!”

21. Back aboard the botanics station, some days after her initial arrival Ventress slowly comes to . .

22. The hum of a medical droid is her first focus, then she becomes aware of her restraints …

23. “AAAAAAAARGHHH!” she screams furiously as she forces herself free.

24. Nurse Femur “It’s ok, your fine please don’t injure yourself - I’m . . .

25. Before she can finish her next sentence the Twi’lek is thrust face first into the medical bed!

26. As she wrenches hard on the poor nurses head tails Ventress becomes aware of others in the room.


28. “I’d like to see you try” says a familiar voice

29. Sobbing as much with anger as with fear nurse Femur is comforted as Ventress continues to snarl & growl at everything in the room . .

30. Durandel: “What are you doing?”

31. Durandel: “Are you ok? I’m so sorry they over reacted are you cold?”

33. Once normality returns supper presents its own challenges . .

34. “Honoured guests” the Ithorian begins “our coming together signifies the harmony between nature & chaos. Though our circumstances are torrid the fact that we can all enjoy such bountiful fruits is truly uplifting!”

35. He continues “As friends I would like you to elaborate further upon how you came upon CHLORIS?”

36. As Durandel begins to recount events Galen studies his friends mannerisms closely - something has changed within the boy - but what?

37. Galen: “YOU left the Bothan to his fate - twice?”
  Durandel: “We had no choice - we were outnumbered”
    Galen: “Note the presence of the word WE Durandel - between you   
          I’m sure there was something you could have done - surely?”
  Durandel: “But . .”

38. Ventress: “The boy is the bravest I know virile & strong -you would do well to remember that the next time you attempt to scold him!”
     Galen: “VIRILE???”

39. After Galen ponders the awkwardness felt between the friends . .

Galen: I don’t know Maybe I was too hard on the kid?

40. Durandel: “I feel I must apologise to Galen Asajj?”

41. Galen: “I bet we looked so undisciplined in front of our hosts”
    Femur: “It was a disagreement, at least there was discussion!”

42. Galen: “I know but it’s different at his age, he’s a smart kid but there are still hormones as well as everything else he’s had to deal with recently!”
   Femur: “Then go see him silly?”

43. Galen: “Yeah I will, I can’t let it go round in his head all night - sorry I can’t be better company tonight!”

44. Asajj: “YOU don’t need to feel anything but contempt for that arrogant swine - what does he know?”

45. Femur: “Thank you for the flower - now go before your head explodes, thats a medical term obviously (laughs).”

46. For a brief moment silence fills the air - Nurse Femur draws closer to the valiant & righteous hero before her . .

47. Galen: “Uh erm I’m gonna . . .”
    Femur: “GALEN?”

48. As their discussion continues Ventress beckons Durandel into the bathroom with her - she begins a very steamy hydro shower!

Ventress: “Don’t just stand there . . . ”

49. As Cortez approaches he ponders how big an influence Ventress is beginning to take upon his friend . .

50. The sounds coming from inside would suggest she does indeed have a hold of him in every sense of the word!”

51. As dawn breaks a second alert rings throughout the corridors of CHLORIS.

52. ((Galen on announcement)) “Now here this, now here this! We have an unidentified craft containing a single life form hailing us - the communications are stifled!”

53. ((Galen on announcement)) “Full alert to all combat trained personnel - IT’S AN IMPERIAL CRAFT!”

54. Again, security procedures lock down a single point of entry from the docking bay . . It’s lift opens . .

55. From inside the communications room all hands desperately await confirmation of contact!

56. Durandel: “GORO ???

57. Amidst a whole host of medical equipment Durandel waits patiently for Goro to regain consciousness. The evidence would suggest that the Bothan fell foul of imperial inquisitors, being tortured for his troubles!

58. Lithe Danner: “Within all his mutterings Goro was right about the tracer on your - his ship!”
Durandel: “Hmm if those bounty hunters on Nar Shadarr were some how able to get a tracer on the firespray - then claimed some of the reward from the Empire - it would explain how we were caught out on Pure Nemoidia!”

59. As Durandel investigates Goro’s information Asajj creeps in to see the sleeping giant . . .

60. She then proceeds to throttle him . .


61. Rumbled! . . .

62. Pterid the Ithorian: “So good to see you here again Goro, the stars have guided you safely to CHLORIS once again!”

63. Goro: “Yes thank you my friends, I’m only sorry that I couldn’t get you the battle droids I promised!”

64. Cortez: “Why would a botanical orbiting station like CHLORIS need B1 battle droids - the Empire wouldn’t give an outpost like this a second glare?”

65. Goro: “Forgive my rudeness Sergeant but our agreement is strictly between us, Pterid has need & as a Bothan I offered my services - simple”

66. Galen: “Sure - then how did you manage not only to escape the Imperials torturing you but also commandeer a relatively unknown shuttle type?”

67. Durandel: ”Forgive Galen, Goro. He has an air of authority in his questioning but I’m sure that he wishes not to spoil yet another mealtime with yet more questions?”

68. Goro: “It’s fine thank you Durandel, let’s just say that I am thankful to be a free sentient in these dark times!”

69. Later that same night a calmness resides in the minds of the sleeping . .

70. There is strength in numbers . .

71. Within the comms room something sinister is afoot . .

72. Armed & with a definite game plan Goro tinkers with sequences of dials & buttons . . .

73. The result is access to a hidden part of CHLORIS . ..

74. He quickly dispatches a busy medical droid . . .

75. Galen: “Hold it right there furball!”

76. Goro: “Sergeant Cortez? Please we have no time . .”

77. Whatever Cortez has sussed he has alerted others to his suspicions . . .

78. Goro: “Ronson, Pterid - all of you I’m sorry but we have no time the Empire is on it's way!”

    Durandel: “Goro? Galen?”

80. Pterid the Ithorian: “Please can everyone keep your voices to a minimum or else you’ll wake .. .”

81.Pterid: “The child . . . .”

82.Pterid: “How did you know Galen, how did you uncover our secret?”
   Durandel: “I guess droids talk - look the most important thing is 
            that we get the child as far away from here as possible!”

83. United finally each individual realises the importance of the child above all else - plans are swiftly put into place to deal with their predicament . .

84. Femur: “But Galen I can help - we can help you”
    Cortez:“ And you are, this ship will be one of many the Empire will see recorded leaving CHLORIS. The more ships they have to track the less likely they are to discover the child!”

85. The sprightly nurse finally manages to get the kiss she had attempted previously “stay safe!” she whispers . .

86. As the ship begins its journey back to the core worlds Galen & Durandel look on  . . .

87. Cortez: “You don’t have to do this my friend, I realise this was Goro’s initial plan but willingly offering yourself as the distraction is fatally flawed?”

   Durandel: “If what Goro says is true the imperials have no idea about the child - a Padawan sitting target will cement that fact!”

88. Durandel: “Do you really think you can get far enough away before the imperials emerge out of hyperspace?”
    Cortez: “I have to! Besides grandpa’s special little hyper drive
          will leave a less obvious carbon trail for them to follow!”

89. Pterid: “Be safe - both of you!”

90. 30 mins later a Star destroyer looms in front of the CHLORIS facility . .

91.   Pterid over the com link: “Of coarse we wish the Empire good tiding, I’d be honoured to show you around”


93. Light years away Galen confirms that the carbon trail from his ship is dispersing - the chances of the Empire re-tracing his steps now are slim to none.

94. Some time later the administrator of the facility awaits their guests . . .

95. The elevator arrives.

96.  Pterid: “As the most senior consultant aboard our platform, may I be the first to say long live the Emperor”.

97. Without even acknowledging Pterid, Joyeuse ignites dual red  bladed sabres . .

98. Be heading his hosts . .

99. Joyeuse: “I want a clean sweep laddies - nobody moves without my knowing about it!”

100. Inside the comms room Commander Phipps is challenged by a lone trooper “Halt - turn around with your hands where I can see them!”

101. The battle hardened commander realises he has a single option . .

102. Inside the dining room more of the CHLORIS residents are ambushed.

103. {Vroom} however storm troopers have yet to meet Asajj Ventress!

104. More troopers converge on the station . . .

105. Durandel: “I sensed your arrival Joyeuse . .”

106. Joyeuse: “Always the insightful shining light amidst the darkness eh boy?”

107. In the face of such tyranny the old Durandel emerges.

Durandel: “I offer you a single chance old one, stop this now?”

108. As Durandel offers his hand it is answered with a massive push of force energy . . .

109. Joyeuse: “You dare to patronise me?!!”

110. As the evil one ignites his sabre, Durandel responds in kind . .

111. However Joyeuse then ignites a second . .

112.As Joyeuse pounces they meet in mid air like cracking thunder .

113. This being the second time the two have faced off they are both surprised at each others improved techniques . . .

114. Again & again they meet mid air, sparks flaring brightly . .

115. The agility & ability of both is astounding . . .

116. Elsewhere on CHLORIS Goro helps the crew avoid the imperial regime . .

117. Goro: “C’mon c’mon move - move . . “

118. With the main operations room secure the troopers are able to use the stations own security system against its inhabitants . .

119. The two force users continue to duel, destroying most of the room in the process.

120. Vader: “Commander I want that station secure within three minutes. The Emperor wants this legion elsewhere & I am running out of excuses . . .”

121. Storm troop commander: “We are just about ready my Lord although your aide is somewhat occupied?”

122. All over the station the empires stranglehold is stifling.

123. However a few fingers may be severed before victory is declared . .

124. At frightening speed Asajj unleashes all of her fury upon a row of Troopers . . .

125. Goro’s happiness to see her however is short lived . .

Ventress: “The boy - is he not with you?”

126. Realising that the Bothan does not have the information she seeks she once again leaves him to his fate . . .

127. Along another corridor the battle rages . . .

128. Cloth is torn & tattered, flesh charred in the epic confrontation . .

129. Just as one of the two begins to gain momentum the other counterattacks . .

130. The elevator doors open to reveal the troop commander flanked by two others . .

131. Commander: “Apparently Lord Vader has been ordered to bring the young one in alive?”

132. With blasters set to stun both men are floored instantly . .

133. Slowly but surely Master Joyeuse comes to . .

134. Reaching outwards with the force he senses his party has boarded their star destroyer, he then spies them steadily changing orbit.

135. Hailing the vessel Joyeuse is confused at the circumstances he finds himself in - Did Durandel hit him with a lucky shot?


137. Joyeuse: “My Lord I, I am still alive!”

Vader: “How resilient you are Joyeuse, you continually surprise me .

138. Vader: ”However we unearthed something quite rare within the CHLORIS security recordings”
Joyeuse: ”Master I - I don’t understand?”
Vader: “My indiscretions against the Emperor are at risk of being revealed. A fresh perspective is needed - you have served me well!”

139. As the chamber closes the view screen that Joyeuse has been observing cuts off . .

140. As the realisation sets in the traitor becomes the betrayed . .

141. Within moments the star destroyer unleashes its payload . .

142. Joyeuse: “YOU HUTT SUCKING BAST. . “

143. Nothing is safe as the fireball sweeps through the very heart of CHLORIS . .

144. Above the skies of his home Sergeant Galen Cortez sweeps quietly toward the imperial city. The child is the most important thing now . . Whatever the cost . . . Whatever . . .           

Tune in next time for the FINALE . . .