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:D  Ok this is it - the last episode of Black Illusion . . . .

Play the video at the end as a kind of theme tune to the closing credits! There are 90 pictures in all so keep a look out for the last one . . .


The end is nigh for our heroes.

Separated once again from his loyal protector Galen Cortez the future looks bleak for Durandel . .

With everyone on the CHLORIS station apparently incinerated he is now left completely alone within the heart of the New Galactic Empire!

Meanwhile the unusual Cortez family unit has taken up residence further into the city suburbs - to hopefully blend in with the general populous . . .

1. As morning breaks within the Imperial centre the steady rush of traffic increases. Buildings begin to buzz & life slips back into daily routine . .

2.  Within their new workshop Grandpa Cortez (on the road to recovery) tinkers with his grandsons ship as Uncle Knish tends to the child . .

3. HOLONET NEWS: ((“Also this morning we have continuous coverage of the special access this channel has been granted from the supreme court“.))

4. HOLONET NEWS: ((“For the first time one of the criminal Jedi incriminated in the attempted coup d’état against our very own elected leader will be tried under the rule of law”.

5. Uncle Knish: ”Galen I beg you not to go there, it will be too painful to watch. This child is priority now for all of us - that’s how the Jedi would have wanted it!”

6. Grandpa: “He won’t listen to you Knish, my boy would never leave a man behind - NEVER.
But your uncle is right Galen this is hard for us all to bare. That boy needs our support but in our support of what he stands for!”.

7. Deep within a military bunker the creaking of metal awakens the Padawan. The light from outside fills the room & a figure approaches.

8. Arbiter : “Greetings Padawan I am Meena Tills. I have been asked to represent you during your trial at the request of  Baron  Papanoida”.

Durandel: “Save your breath Mon Calamari, this will not be a ‘trial’ at all, merely showmanship!”

9.  Arbiter : “Please young one, I may have been ill informed on you current circumstances but I am of the delegation of 2,000!! The plight that you face must not be alone . . .”.

10. After the allotted 20 mins the Arbiter  leaves  the Padawan alone once more . . In the dark . .

11. A lavish procession takes place by midday where by the accused is marched from the holding area to the main courts.
Citizens are encouraged by those in authority to make an example of those who threaten  ’peace & security’.


12. Inside his heart breaks as the crowd jeer & spit but Durandel maintains his dignity . . .

13. As an extra measure of ‘security’ he is forced to drag his shackles behind him. The basis behind this is to prolong the procession & firmly imprint the image upon the general public . .

14. Although Elite & the now standard Stormtroopers line the route the baying residents still manage to get too close for comfort! Hitting & generally disrespecting the youngster . .

15. At one low point Durandel buckles under the intense weight of his shackles, the crowd respond with laughter & name calling . . .

16. Trooper: “Easy does it little guy, were supposed to have you in one piece!”

The troopers are an oddity to Durandel - they sound almost friendly..

17.Eventually the gates of the courthouse are before him.
The re enforced titanium provide him with some level of safety - although out of the frying pan . . . .

18. As the second set of gates begin to open he spies something . .

19. Is it Ventress?? How would she have survived? Is she here to help him or merely witness his fate?? . . .

c01. Inside proceedings are already underway. The official representative of the court Mas Amedda makes his entrance.

c02. Amedda: “Order! Order! By the decree of the Supreme Courts we are gathered under LAW to witness the trial of a suspected terrorist”

c03. Amedda: “By days end we will have attained whether or not the defendant & the Jedi order as a whole are indeed a menace to our society!

If as I suspect we find that is indeed the case a maximum custodial sentence will be awarded!”

c04. Arbiter: “My friends as  defending council I find it absurd that a single being can be deemed responsible for the actions of many. As a  Jedi  & might I add that officially he is not yet a  Jedi , the defendant has been initiated as a keeper of the peace - not in fact as a terrorist or felon !”

C05.  Arbiter: “To those of you  witnessing these events today I beg you to see reason, we have become subservient lackeys to a political agenda & I for one cannot accept this . . . Sin!

co6. Arbiter: “This BOY has become a scapegoat to all things that we fear in society & for what? Ladies & gentleman this boy is guilty of no crime - only a victim of circumstance . . .”

c07. Arbiter:  “Unfortunately I fear that the decision of the court is already made, that is not a fair trial ladies & gentlemen - that is a outrage!!”

c08. Amedda: “Very political Meena, very political! The court accepts your opening defence although I find it hard to agree with your claims of innocence when you could not find a single character witness!”

c09. Amedda: “ Prosecutor you are free to put forwards your case for imprisonment”

c10. The showmanship of the prosecution council is similar to that of an evangelist - highly charged!

 Prosecution: “Brothers & sisters we are being deceived! We have been deceived & we don’t wanna be deceived no more!! I’m talking about a cult, a sect of people who snatch children from a young age & programme their minds - with evil!!”

c11.  Prosecution: “The problem is brothers & sisters is that we got one of these snakes trapped - caged! The rest of them have slithered away on their evil bellies away from sight, but we got one of ‘em!”

“People, we have the right to feel safe & our elected leaders have the right to feel safe - your children have the right to feel safe in their homes, their schools - their mommas arms! I will prove that this MAN in conjunction with others is a menace to freedom itself!”

c12. As the prosecutor finishes  a black figure approaches  the podium to a hushed silence . . .

c13. As the  session continues one of the many courtroom cameras focuses on Durandel.

c14. Vader: “ representative of the court, councilmen  as Special Enforcer for the Emperor himself I feel it is my duty to disclose to you our findings involving this Jedi & others!”

C15. Stunned at the outrageous brake in protocol  Durandel has to compose himself. Gripping the cage bars tightly he manages to release his frustration through squeezing tightly . . . .

C16.  Vader “The footage that I am about to reveal clearly shows the defendant engaging in unlawful activities . .”

C16a.  The first security recording shows the initiation of Order 66, Galen coming to the aid of Durandel & fellow Padawan & the clones troopers defeat. Out of context the scene shows downed troopers at the hands of the pair . . . .

C16b.  As Vader continues to dictate events we see Galen & Durandel alive & well amidst the Chaos!

C16c. Lastly  as  a clearly defined associate of Durandel we see Galen killing the Imperial Sovereign Protector  Necatarina . . .

C17. Amedda: “ Chilling evidence my Lord - truly chilling!”

C18.  Vader: “ Now you will see within the past few weeks that the boy has indeed taken  to further - more extremist activities!”

C18a. Vader: “ the defendant with a known separatist - Asajj Ventress engaging in  a public brawl!”

C18b. Even footage of  Durandel & Joyeuse is  made to look as though the two were colluding together.
With the destruction of the CHLORIS facility being blamed on them!

C18c. Finally we see the Stormtroopers using  peaceful means when apprehending the two Jedi! The fact that they use stun settings works to their advantage!


 C19. Meena motions to Durandel as if apologising for the lack of aid that he can provide. It would seem that even thought their cause is the just one, there will be no justice here . . . 

C20.    Durandel manages a half smile, he knew that he’d had  a snowballs chance in hell but the Mon Calamari believing in him & justice provides a small comfort . . . .

C21.  As Tills silently communicates with the boy he misses the announcement made by Mas Amedda.

C22. Crimson guard enter the arena causing the arbiter to double take . . . .

C23.  Trumpets sound & the Emperor himself enters accompanied by more guards . . .

C24.   As everyone stands to attention there eyes are not where they should be . . . 

C25.    What happens next  causes complete chaos!!!!!

C26.  The Emperor has been replaced somewhere along the chain of command - Sgt. Galen Cortez has slipped into a black robe & is now firing upon the chamber!!!

C27. Instantly switching backwards & forwards between rifle, blaster & melee he is too quick for those surrounding him still getting their bearings . . .

C28. Without the need to think about each individual action Galen targets those near & far with everything he has . . . . .

C29. Clowns to the left of him . . .

C30.  Jokers to the right . . . . .

C31. The elite quickly snap into action, the nearest knocking away the sergeants protective helmet . .

C32.  Seeing the immediate threat a trooper poses Meena grabs at a rifle aimed towards the sergeant!

C33. Almost dancer like Cortez manages to fire around the prosecuting  Gran . . . .

C34.  Noting Tills bravery Cortez moves onto his troublesome trooper . . . .

C35. Cortez: “I appreciate what you’ve done here friend but you need to get out whilst you still can!”

C36. Durandel: “Phew! Even after so many skirmishes at your side it is hard to believe how quickly you can attain victory!”

C37.  Cortez:  “Ok buddy lets get you out of that stinking cage . . .”

Durandel: “That’s the best news I’ve heard all day Galen it really is . .  But . . . I can’t leave here!”

C38.  Durandel: “It’s all live on the Holonet Galen, we’d be playing into their propaganda!?”

C39.  Cortez: “Then we’ll end transmission . . .” Galen points his rifle towards the holocam.

C40.  Durandel: “No Galen you  must not - not this time! I am probably the last physical embodiment of the Jedi Order that people are going to witness for a long time . . . I must abide by the rule of Law!”

C41. Cortez: “ Mmm, I’d hoped you wouldn’t go there! Dragging you kicking & screaming was my plan B but I kinda see your point - as much as I hate to admit it!”

C42. Cortez: “You know they’re gonna kill you don’t you? If execution already isn’t on their ‘to do’ list it soon will be!”

Durandel: “Maybe. I sense that they are at least for now, trying to twist the Law to their favour. Maybe there is hope that we can do the same . . .”

C43.  Scurrying can be heard upon the marble floor as troops emerge . . . .

C44.  Durandel: “   Words cannot express my gratitude towards you & your family Galen.
Had the odds been slightly lower stacked against us I think we would have come through!”

C45. Durandel: “I mean It my friend, in the order I had many brothers but you are by far
 the closest to it  . . .

Cortez: “Keep that wisdom kid, it’s a credit to you!”

C46. Durandel: “Look after the child Cortez - he has the force in him! I will find you one day . .”

C47. Cortez: “ I don’t mean to dampen your hopes  bro but I’m not gonna get outta  this in one piece! The best I can do is take as many of them out as I can before my batteries burn out (grins)”

C48. From the street blaster fire & screams can be heard with Galen eventually emerging at the front gates . .     

C49. A whole battalion of  Stormtroopers converge upon him . . . .

C50. At this point self preservation is not an option - logic now is simply numbers.

Cortez: “Sooo - which one of you Mando-bore-ian yokels wants the first shot????!”

C51. Right on cue the troops simultaneously fire . . . .

C52. They fail to predict it’s effect on the man-droid . . . .

C53.  Pushing through their reign of fire Cortez disarms two & commandeers their weaponry . . .

C54.  The troopers fold one by one unable to withstand such a close quarters assault . .

C55. The final trooper stares down the rifle barrel . . . . 

C56. Suddenly Galen becomes aware of brightness to his right - then  the realisation that his arm is gone . . .

C57.  It becomes clear that this is the Imperials way of  ending this affair . . Bringing in the professionals!

C58.  One of the guard cleaves the rest of the arm from the shoulder . . . . .

C59.  The left one however is still capable of a nasty left - hook . . . .

C60.  As the Crimson Guard back away slightly the destruction  is frightening . .

C61.  A second wave  of attacks begins with Cortez still giving better than he gets . . .

C62.  With him blocking the onslaught & instantly retaliating the guard find it hard to gain the upper hand , the usual methods to gain victory relies heavily upon the enemy feeling pain .. . .

C63.  Once more the Crimson guard back away to alter their attack pattern . . . . .

C64. Unexpectedly the vibrostaff  Cortez has acquired flies from his grasp . . . .

C65.  “That is quite enough” Vader booms to the remaining few “I will take it from here!”.

 Vader force grips Cortez from afar . . . .

C66. Vader: “ Fortunately I have an intimate knowledge concerning droids  gyro balance circuitry, the more you attempt to struggle the faster it will disintegrate!”

C67.  Cortez: “W . . wh . . Wha. . . What  happens to me is irrelevant, I don’t even exist!”

Cortez  realises the futility in struggling. He is at the mercy (or lack there of) of Darth Vader!

C68. Vader: “What a pity that after all you have done to aid the Jedi cause, you are powerless to stop it’s complete destruction at my hands! The boy will make the perfect apprentice to ME - if he has the strength of character I require!”

C69. Outraged but confident Galen is defiant to the last . . .

Cortez: “H . . H .. . HE will never bow to you or your emperor! Durandel is too honourable a Jedi !”

C70. Vader sighs smugly as he ignites his sabre . . .

Vader “I wasn’t referring to the Padawan . . . !”

C71.  With a hiss & flash of red Galen Cortez falls lifelessly to the floor . . . . .

C72. Vader “There is no resurrection this time traitor!”

C73. “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

C74. As the Dark Lord exit’s the area the guard once again converge, making absolutely sure that  Cortez is gone & gone for good!

C74a.  As the evening draws in the Holonet news recounts the events of the day:

Announcer: “As you can see the attempted jail break by the Jedi was eventually thwarted thanks to the efforts of our security services! This exclusive footage is available to review for up to 2 weeks on our pages!”

C74b. Grandpa Cortez contorts in agony, he knew this day would come . . . . .

C74c. As he & his friend surround the crib of the sleeping infant they can at least be thankful that thanks to the sacrifices made today - the child can continue to safely thrive with them!

C74d. Grandpa watches the sunset above the skyline & wonders if everything reported was true??

C75. Is Durandel  at an undisclosed Imperial penal colony?

C76. What must the boy be feeling right now?

C77. As the new arrivals are processed, the Admiral in charge is unnerved by the calm Padawan . .

C78.  Admiral: “Take a long hard look at that view son, it ain’t nothing but darkness from here on in !”

C78a. Serene, Durandel swears he can see the image of his friend - his guardian amongst the clouds .. .

C79. He smiles before a trooper nudges him forwards . . . Goodbye my friend . . Goodbye . .

C80.      . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>




c84. Nurse Femur “Hey guys I got the baby stuff but . . .”


  C85.  Femur “Oh NO! NO NO!

C86.    . . . .. . .. . .

C87. . . . . . . . .

C88. The nurse so accustomed to blood & gore is completely frozen with fear . . .

C89.  Concerned with the apparently missing child she fails to notice the assailant behind her - paying for it with a saber through the heart!

Only a shadow moves amidst the stillness . . . Disappearing  without a trace into the darkness . . .

C90.  The end

 :) :D ;D :P :'( ;D
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ur photonovel is now number 2 in my favorite PN's of all time (NUMBER !>>>>>WELL HE HAS A BEARD AND ROCKS>>>>MR ENLOE FOR THE WIN ME THINK)

but yeah....well done man...that RULED!
in the words of a famous admiral......


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Mr Enloe is my favourite too & indeed inspired me to do this in the first place ;)

To me being your 2nd favourite after such a LEGEND is awsome - thanks!

I would love to have the characters cross paths at some point . . .  8)

Thanks for reading!

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wow a chewie/raziel cross would be AWSOME!
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Great chapter Raziel, I still owe you a detailed review which I should be able to get to this week - first I want to be able to fully get into the chapter when I have both some peace and quite at home, and not at work where I have too many other things that I need to attend to.

As for a Rykrof crossover, thanks for considering it and of course anything's possible.