Author Topic: Trying to finish up my collection...  (Read 1210 times)

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Trying to finish up my collection...
« on: October 28, 2007, 11:52 PM »
I'm slowly closing in on completing my loose Vintage collection. If any of you guys happen to have a spare of one of these, shoot me a price and I'll get back with you. I'm scrounging around eBay, but I'd much rather do business with what I consider to be my "family" here at JD. One very important note is that I don't really care about the condition of the figure, or if it's complete - as long as the figure is somewhat decent, I'll love it for it's "played with" charm.

My wishlist...

  Blue Snaggletooth 12/21/07         
  Imperial Gunner               
  Imperial Dignitary            
  See-Threepio (C-3PO) With Removable limbs   
  Bespin Security Guard (black)            
  Han Solo                  
  Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) 
  A-Wing Pilot
  Han Solo (In Carbonite Chamber) 10/30/07
  Luke Skywalker (Imperial Stormtrooper Outfit)
  Anakin Skywalker
  Lando Calrissian (General Pilot)
  Yak Face

Thanks in advance, guys... And also a big thanks to the folks who have already helped me in the past.
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