Author Topic: FS - Complete Hasbro Carded Set - 1995-Present - About 850 Pieces  (Read 405 times)

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I'm seriously considering selling off the carded collection again for lack of space.

As stated above I believe there are around 850 pieces.  It's about 700-750 basic carded figures, plus about 90 deluxe packs, plus about 25 Exclusives in Star Cases.

I do not have straight repacks, but I do have things that were never on the card before, or things that have enough of a paint change to make them into a different troop or soldier or character. There are some pictures in my sig that would probably show a lot of the items available. I have some of the older variants too... long saber figures, Pop-up Artoo with the saber on the wrong side... open hand Han, etc...

Serious inquiries only please, I'm hoping to get about $5 or so per figure, about $8 to $10 per deluxe, and about $12 each for the exclusives. That becomes a pretty big number pretty fast - in essence I'm looking for nearly $4000 to $5000 for the set. I know that sounds like a lot, but I doubt a set like this becomes available very often, so I think that near retail wouldn't be so unreasonable.

At present time I am only interested in selling this as a lot. It would most likely be a complete beast to ship, so buying a one way ticket and renting a truck to drive back to where you live might be the best way to go but we could figure that out if we're able to strike a deal.

The last time I posted this, I received a lot of offers from people who wanted to offer me $1 or $2 per figure so they could break it up and re-sell it, I'm really not interested in those types of conversations this time through.

So, please PM me if you are seriously interested and let's discuss things