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G.I. Joe's for Sale!
« on: January 17, 2008, 10:25 PM »
Alright guys, I have some 25th anniversary and DTC figures that I'm looking to sell. I bought them for my computer desk, but I found that Star Wars figures are much better to fool around with. Here's what I have for sale:

Night Ops Humvee with Rollbar- Loose/Mint/Complete with box and instructions
Footloose- Loose/Mint/Complete with cardback
SAW Viper- Loose/Mint/Complete
Grand Slam- Loose/Mint/Complete
Lowlight- Loose/Mint/Complete

25th Anniversary (All include Packages)
Beachhead- L/M/C
Stalker- L/M/C (I think he's got the fixed crotch)
Flint- L/M/C (Fixed Crotch)
Firefly- L/M/C (Fixed Crotch)
COBRA Trooper x2- L/M/C
COBRA Officer- L/M/C

I'm going to look for $75 shipped for everything. I'll go $50 shipped on the 25th Anniv. stuff with packages, $45 shipped without. $30 shipped for the DTC stuff... goes great with the new 25th Anniv. stuff.

I'd also be willing to trade for Star Wars stuff. I need some TAC Wave 7/7.5 figures and I'd be open to trade for Star Wars Legos. I'll trade the whole lot of G.I. Joes for MOC Pax Bonnkik, R2-B1, Hawkbat Clone, Hologram Darth Vader, Naboo Soldier, Spirit Anakin Skywalker, and Endor R2-D2. As for Legos, I'll trade the whole lot for the Clone Trooper AT-AP and the Hailfire Droid/Spider Droid sets. PM me for feedback, questions, offers, or other Hasbro Star Wars stuff you might have for trade. Thanks for looking!