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SW Lego Sets You'd Like to See Repacked?

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This topic discusses Lego Star Wars models that we think should have a repack.

For example: One Lego Star Wars model that I think should get a repack is the 2004 Lego Millennium Falcon.

Jesse James:
I'd agree with that...  The Falcon's sort of iconic and should roll around every once in a while maybe.

I'd say the AT-AT should roll around now and again too.

I think though that they'd be wise to do more like they are now, and get more figures mixed out there...  Not just army builders either, but obscure "uncommon" figures too like aliens, main characters, etc.  Some of us (*cough cough*) are more into having the minifigures since the hobby itself is too pricey, and we're enticed by sets of those with a small model.

  I would like to see Cloud City re-packed. Missed it the first time around. I agree that it's all about the mini-figures and more small sets with various figures are great but I also like being able to put them in scenes. The Cantina set, Jabbas Palace and the Hoth set were all expensive but really are nice set up and still small enough to have on a shelf. It's hard to find a spot for something as big as the Falcon or an AT-AT. Does anyone no if the Hoth set is still available anywhere or going to be? I never saw it in stock at TRUS or on-line there!

How about Yoda's Hut minus the X-Wing with a peach-skinned Luke Skywalker figure.

Imperial Shuttle

Missed it when it was out and now it's going $400+   Grrrr

Cloud City  would be nice too.


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