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SW Lego Sets You'd Like to See Repacked?

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The Lightsaber Duel on Mustafar LEGO set should get a repack too.

Jabba's Sail Barge. 

Know this is kind of an old topic, but I would like to see a revival of the bust/statue figures they had with the original UCS Yoda and Darth Maul sets.  Maybe an updated Yoda, but something along the lines of a Stormtrooper helmet would be just as cool.  Think there is a lot of potential in the helmet line, especially having seen some impressive MOCs of them over the years.

As far as minifigure scale sets, I'd love to see some further Cantina sets, or even some modules for Jabba's Palace (yes, I know they are coming out with a new Jabba's Palace set).  The more interesting figures we can pick up along the way with these sorts of sets the better.  Would love to have a Yak Face or Snaggletooth LEGO figure.


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