Author Topic: Closet Cleaning 2008: Loose Figures Galore (well, several...)  (Read 584 times)

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It's that time of year again, when I look back on some things I have bought and ask "why" and pass the savings on to my fellow JD posters.  Anyway, as usual, these figures are loose/mint/complete (unless otherwise noted) and have been kept out of sunlight in either Plano Stowaway boxes or Rubbermaid shoe boxes for the duration of my owning them in a non-smoking home.  I accept payment in the form of US postal money order in US funds, and at the present time, I can only ship to North America.  Figures will be shipped upon receipt of payment, and I would prefer to deal with people who have feedback here at JD.  Also, as usual, shipping is extra depending on where you live.  That said, if you see anything you want to know more about, please don't hesitate to ask.  On to the list!

LOOSE/MINT/COMPLETE (unless otherwise noted) ACTION FIGURES:  $3.00 each plus shipping

-2005 ROTS Anakin Skywalker (from TRU exclusive JSF; with lightsaber hand and headset)

-2006 ROTS Commemorative Tin Anakin Skywalker (no cloak; with one piece lightsaber from 2008 30AC Vader and a 2008 30AC Vader stand) PENDING

-2006 TSC General Grievous (no electrostaff; with lightsaber, cape, gun, and display stand)

-2007 30AC Target Exclusive UBP Endor Stormtrooper (with blaster) PENDING

-2007 30AC Target Exclusive UBP Oochee the Ewok (the darker one; with staff) PENDING

-2007 30AC Target Exclusive UBP Widdle the Ewok (the orange one; with staff) PENDING

-2007 30AC Saga Legends Darktrooper (with backpack, gun, and gold coin) PENDING


-2003 Clone Wars Jedi Knight Deluxe Three Pack L/M/C (includes Rodian, Human, and Twilek Jedi Knights with their respective lightsabers):  $6.00 for the set of three figures, plus shipping

-2003 Clone Wars Deluxe Clone Trooper with Speeder Bike L/M/C (includes Clone Trooper with removable armor, grenade, blaster, and Speeder Bike): $6.00, plus shipping

-2007 30AC BARC Speeder Bike (from "Treachery on Saleucami" Battle Pack; ONLY THE BIKE) with 2006 TSC Elite Corps Clone Trooper figure (the camoflage VTSC Biker Scout):  $6.00 for the figure and the bike, plus shipping

-2007 Titanium Series AT-TE with stand:  $3.00

That about does it for now.  As I said, if you have any questions about any of these pieces, just drop me a PM, and thanks for looking! :)
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Re: Closet Cleaning 2008: Loose Figures Galore (well, several...)
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Re: Closet Cleaning 2008: Loose Figures Galore (well, several...)
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Re: Closet Cleaning 2008: Loose Figures Galore (well, several...)
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