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Jesse James:
They do seem slow to me, but I'm ok with that stuff and like flashy I guess.  Maybe they're trying to entertain the guy like me that doesn't know any better?  :D

I opened my set when I first got it back in...what September?  Still have yet to view any of the discs though.   :-\   $80 ain't too bad at Target.  I think I paid $90 and got the lithographs with the set.

Matt: Star Wars Blu-ray Trilogies to Be Released in Limited Edition Steelbook Packaging

--- Quote ---Since their release in 2011, the Star Wars trilogy collections have become two of the bestselling Blu-ray Disc catalog releases of all time. Lucasfilm and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today that these beloved Star Wars sets, presenting the classic films in stunning HD, will be re-released in limited edition steelbook packaging at select retailers in the UK, Australia, Japan, and Spain. There is no US release currently planned.

Release dates for the steelbook sets will be announced shortly.
--- End quote ---

Still not buying. . .

On sale for $60 at Amazon and free shipping


--- Quote from: Jayson on January  2, 2014, 11:39 PM ---On sale for $60 at Amazon and free shipping

--- End quote ---

That's a sweet deal.  This is the most up-to-date version with all the bonus material, right?


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