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FS: 12" POTF & Episode I, Large Unleashed, More!
« on: March 13, 2008, 10:59 PM »
I've been doing lots of spring cleaning selling things to pay for car repairs.

Here is a list of everything that I have for sale:

12" Kenner Hasbro
1996 Darth Vader Collectors Series Gold foil sticker, upside down TIE Fighters, dark blue background, black lightsaber MISB $13
1996 Obi-Wan Collectors Series Gold Foil sticker, upside down TIE Fighters, dark blue background, silver belt buckle MISB $13
1996 Luke X-Wing MISB $12
1998 KB Exclusive 3 Pack Luke w/poncho, Leia Boushh, Han Bespin MISB, some wear to box $35
1998 R5-D4 MISB $10
1998 Luke Stormtrooper outfit w/Dianoga Tentacle MISB $12
1998 Ponda Baba (Walrusman) w/removable arm MISB $10
1998 Emperor Palpatine (non-electronic) MISB $12
1999 Episode I Watto MISB $7
1999 Episode I Obi-Wan MISB $7
1999 Episode I Mace Windu (non exclusive) MISB $12
1999 Episode I Pit Droids (dark brown khaki variant) MISB $10
1999 Episode I Pit Droids (light reddish brown variant) MISB $10
2001 POTJ Death Star Droid MISB $7
2003 Saga Gold Garindan MISB $10
2004 OTC Stormtrooper MISB $18
2005 ROTS Clone Trooper MISB $18


Large Unleashed all cards have some creasing

Mace Windu Artwork Card MOC $10
Aayla Secura MOC $10
Yoda vs Sidious MOC $10
Luke Hoth Outfit - card heavily creased $10

Figures & Vehicles

POTF Luke w/Speeder Bike, no glove picture, some sun fading to box MISB $10
POTF Leia Endor Millenium Coin set MISB $5
POTF Snowtrooper Millenium Coin set MISB $7
POTF Kabe & Muftak Exclusive 2 pack small tape tear on top of box MISB $10
POTJ Carbon Freezing Chamber Fan Club Exclusive MISB $30
Saga Blue Luke w/Landspeeder window box MISB $20
Evolutions Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper Grey version, 1st box MISB $12
TAC Battle Pack Ambush on Ilum MISB $15
TAC McQuarrie Concept Vader MOC $7
TAC McQuarrie Concept Han Solo MOC $8
TAC A-Wing Pilot Tycho MOC $6
TAC Rebel Vanguard Trooper MOC $6


Shipping is not included in the prices and is extra.
I can ship figures either loose or carded/boxed, just let me know which you prefer.
I can provide pics if anyone needs them.
Please feel free to check my husband & I's feedback on ebay under the name justjoe13.

Please PM me with any questions, I'll be putting this list on a couple of other forums before I toss it all to ebay - I need some cash asap, thanks