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Some of you may have already seen this, but Spike TV has an "ultimate trailer" advertising the complete Saga.  Kind of spiffy.

Yeah, I caught that TV spot a few weeks ago and I thought it was very well put together. With Star Wars on TV, Indy 4, and the Clone Wars movie, I'm feeling all giddy like it's '02 or '05. "There's a new one coming, aaaaaahhhh!!!"

Watching AOTC right now and it's actually not as bad as I remember it to be.  Battle of Geonosis is coming up pretty quick, then it's on to ROTS.  Kinda nice being able to watch this on TV vs DVD for some reason.  Maybe it's the Bud Light commercials?

LOL! I'm watching them up here in Canada.  ;D

Bottle opener sucks!  :D

I watched them this weekend as well.  Its actually been quite awhile since I've seen TPM and AOTC, so it was nice to see those again.  Like I said, even though we all have these on DVD, there's something about Star Wars on TV again that is kind of nice.  Plus, its easier to switch over to TNT at commercials and watch LOTR :P.  I had them on our DVR, because its nice to just watch sections at a time and pick up where I left off - but they take up a lot of room so I don't think that will last (and its silly anyways, since we have the DVDs).  Anyways, nice to see Star Wars on TV again - the OT is this weekend!


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