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Similar to my last post here I guess, but does anyone know if Spike still has the rights to Star Wars? I seem to remember the deal being for six years starting in 2008 when ROTS was first on cable.  I'm pretty sure it hasn't been on this year, or if so it has been awhile. I was wondering if maybe Disney had the rights now or what. I've seen Indy on TV several times this year, on several stations, but no sign of Star Wars.  Not that we can't just watch it on DVD, Blu Ray, etc., just curious.

I thought I remember reading something that when Spike's deal expired (I believe it ended April 2014), Disney was working something out with Netflix.

Industry reports said that Episodes 8 and 9 will fall under Disney's 2016-start deal with Netflix.  I thought I read someone saying Netflix wanted to secure 1-6 rights to air them on Netflix before Ep7 next winter.  Could have been a rumor though I guess...

There will be something neat about watching these movies on my iPad.

I miss watching the saga of Star Wars on SPIKE.


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