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--- Quote from: Brian on April  2, 2012, 08:53 PM ---Speaking of Spike, this is actually the first time the movies have been on for awhile.  I usually periodically check if they are coming up at all, and I can't remember the last time they were on (maybe Christmas?).  Unusual for them.  I noticed that although they advertised it as a "SW marathon", it was OT only.

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I thought the only thing Spike shows is Star Wars and Wrestling.

Jesse James:
And 1000 ways to die, and that fat guy that buys auctioned storage lockers with the little dude that gets all child-like when something explodes.

For anyone interested, it looks like the OT is going to be on over the next couple nights.

Older thread bump here, but I've noticed that Star Wars hasn't been on Spike TV for quite some time now.  I was checking if it was on this weekend (for "Star Wars Day"), but didn't see a sign of it - and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been on at all this year (I do a search every couple weeks or so for "Star Wars" just to check).  I noticed that Spike has the Indy movies now as well, so it would have been a nice 1-2 punch of my childhood favorites.

Anyways, not that we don't all have them on blu ray, DVD, etc....but it was always nice having them on TV once in awhile too.  I didn't think Spike's deal had expired yet (but maybe it has), or if this was another example of Disney taking SW off the radar until the build up for Episode VII.  Anyways, just an observation.  Thought about popping in ROTJ or something tomorrow night to celebrate SW Day and the 30th Anniversary of ROTJ.

Spoke too soon, looks like the prequel trilogy is airing this Fri/Sat/Sun, although I do think that is the first time any of the movies have been on in 2013, sort of surprising.


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