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New Ninja Turtle figs.

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That's what I ended up doing.  I always wanted to get a set of the turtles, but passed on previous versions for one reason or another, but ended up picking these up.  I think they are actually pretty nice toys.  For some reason our daughter has really taken to the new Turtles show, and I picked some of the figures up for her and thought they were pretty nice (the show isn't bad either really).  I won't be getting anymore most likely, but not because they are bad - I've got enough stuff to find room for the way it is :).  Our daughter has already put the Shellraiser van on the Christmas list though :).

Just an observation more than anything else, but the Turtle stuff seems to be selling like crazy around here for Christmas and everything.  Our daughter has gotten way into the new show (which, by the way, is pretty good actually) and we picked up a few things for her for Christmas (the Shellraiser, some bad guys, etc.)  Most of our stores are sold out, or one day I'll see them get a fresh batch of figures and it will be sold through in a matter of days for the most part.  I haven't seen the van or that big playset for a couple of months now.  Our daughter wanted the playset as well, but she also asked for the Barbie dream house, so the Mrs. made the executive decision on that one :).  Anyways, not necessarily news by any means, but just an observation that this line seems to be doing quite well - at least around here.  If you haven't checked out the show (and like cartoons), I'd suggest giving it a watch, I think I've enjoyed it as much as she has.

Ya they have sold through pretty well at least at Target...Haven't really been to a WM or TRU in awhile.  I did pick up the 4 turtles last month but there still in the toy backlog.


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