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New Ninja Turtle figs.

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Anyone else picking these up?  I've always been a Ninja Turtle fan but hated the first run of figs back in 1980something.  I saw these new figs a couple of months back and HAD to pick some up.  I've picked up Splinter, Foot Soldier, Shredder, Donatello, and Leonardo.  I've still got to buy Raphael and Michealangelo.  

Has anyone seen the next set of figs coming out?  I hear they're making an April Oneal and a Casey Jones figure.  

The next wave is Casey Jones, April ONeal and Hun. Boba Binks just posted that he found them in Indy! :) I have the first series, and they are very cool

I saw Wave 2 at Target yesterday...not interested in these toys but thought it was cool that I knew they were new!

What'd you think about the second series figs OCB?  Did they do a good job on the Casey Jones fig?  Th Hun sounds cool.  I don't remember him though, is he a newer villan?

They looked pretty good.  I thought April sorta looked like Teela from the MOTU line

I was wondering what happened to Be Bop and Rock Steady?


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