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New Ninja Turtle figs.

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Good question.  Those guys were pretty cool.  I think they could do an especially good job on the figures now.  The old ones stunk!  I'm just hoping the Casey Jones fig looks something like the greatest wrestler of all time, STING, in the "Crow" costume.  Although I am a Jericholic ;)

Boba Binks:
Yeah I found Series #2 at Target. April, Casey Jones, and Hun.

I also saw the new Mikey and Raphael weapons sets.

No signs of the Lair Playset with Splinter or the Foot Cycle.

Boba Binks, can you get us some pics of the new figs?

Boba Binks:
Sorry it tool so long to post this image.

I will take a pictue of them opened and on my shelf soon. It will probably be late on Sunday.

Boba Binks:


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