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Galaxies: Who's in? Who's out? Who cares?

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Jesse James:
I personally am out for the time being...

I feel the specs are high enough that I don't want to bother trying to run it on my machine right now till I get a substantial upgrade...  It's not like it won't be there when I DO decide to wanna play it.

Also, no high speed internet = no online gaming...  at least not FUN online gaming.  So I'm sitting out the Galaxies deluge right now.

I've followed the game's developement somewhat, and I've known a handful of insiders on the Beta who were willing to dish the dirt to me as they learned/played the rough cut of it.  

It's an interesting concept for those not knowledgeable of this type of game, and while other games in this genre are life-consuming, the developers of Galaxies I feel have tried to make it more accessible to the casual gamer...

Ya know, guys with girlfriends, jobs, wives, kids, and generally with something OTHER to do on occassion.  That's a plus I think.

I'm hearing criticism around the net about Galaxies though, and that's a shame considering the push this game's receiving.  It's early though, and the game's gonna have bugs in the beginning...  

So what's everyone's thoughts?

Release is coming June 25th or 26th as I recall (Now I totally forget which it is, but no matter),  so who's all geared up to sit doe-eyed in front of a screen for several weeks?  And is anyone sayin' just fuggedaboudit till the vehicle expansion is released?   What species are ya pickin' if you are playing?  What job?  What political affiliation?

Hmmm, should be an interesting couple of weeks coming up I'd think, unless nobody's gonna play it. :)

I'm most definately in.  I've had this game preordered since last July!  Last November I had my new computer built so, I shouldn't have any problems running the game.  I'm excited, and ready to play, bugs and all.

On a side note, if anyone needs a good fun loving Player Association:

I really want to get this game, but I'm going to wait to see what everyone's reactions are about it before I buy it.  If I do end up buying it, you might not see me that much here anymore.   ;)

So, who here owns this now?  What are your thoughts about it?  I don't have it yet, because I'm waiting to hear what everyone thinks about it first.

Everyone I've talked to so far hasn't been able to get in.

Amazon just shipped my copy today, so, probably won't get it till monday.  :(


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