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Galaxies: Who's in? Who's out? Who cares?

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--- Quote from: BushiFox on June 26, 2003, 06:39 PM ---Everyone I've talked to so far hasn't been able to get in.
--- End quote ---

That's not good news.

Mandalorian Madman:
definately in. I ordered mine from uncle george last week and it's supposed to be here tomorrow (27th) so I'll get to put my new computer to work.

Any further updates about this game?  I still haven't gotten it yet, because I want to hear what everyone thinks about it first.  I'm dying to hear some reviews about this.

Don't get this game!  You won't sleep, you won't eat.  You won't talk to your friends!  You will go to work, and sit on the internet at the SWG forums reading about the game.  You will think about what you are going to do on the game when you get home, so you can play for another 4 hours.  ahhhhh!

Needless to say, I'm addicted to the game quite heavily right now.  It is a lot of fun, character customization is great.  Lots to do, 1000's of playhours waiting for you.  It still has some bugs, the ones I've run into are very minor and don't affect my game play.  Some people have been having fairly major problems though.

If you do decide to get it, I would highly reccomend making sure your computer is well over the Min. specs.  I have a fairly up to date system, g4 4200 vid, 512 ram, amd 2200 processor, but, I'll still get some bad frame rates in the city.  I've been told by everyone that when I plug in my new stick of ram, that will be fixed.  This game is a big RAM eater, so, try to have 1 gig of RAM if you can.  Don't try it with 256 in any case...

Anyway, I'm signing up for a year long subscription.  I think that is the best review I can give.

Bushifox, thanks for the review you wrote.  I will probably buy this in a couple months after all the bugs are fixed.  I heard there are quite a number of problems with the game, so I will just wait until the game is perfected.  

Here's another review about Star Wars Galaxies... click here.


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